I can honestly say that I’ve probably traveled more than many people. I have traveled alone, with family, friends, boyfriends and only twice have I ever felt nervous, uncomfortable or scared. I have stayed in hostels, camp sites, 5 star and budget hotels. Through all of this I’ve never been particularly scared to continue traveling. Even through all of this, there’s still one part of the world that makes me nervous. Asia.

Asia is a land where I don’t speak any of the language, and they don’t speak mine. I can’t read any of signs. Hell, even in Europe I can at least pretend to read the funny word. But not in Asia. In Asia I can’t even make out the characters to fake it and create my own bullshit word.

In spite of all of those things, it’s still on my list and it will still happen. Nothing will keep me from seeing this amazing world of ours, especially not my own fears.

Is there anywhere that you want to travel to that scares you a bit?

Published by Emily Kelly