Hey guys I'm pack with another Travel hack blog!

So In my last blog post I said about getting your shampoo and conditioner from the hotel or if you take your own, to wrap them up, So another hack one of my friends just told me was she doesn't take anything apart from her toothbrush and paste with her, she buys all the stuff she needs while she is out there, and for her it is really easier as she normally just travels with a carry on suitcase or large hiking bag. This means that she can get through the airport much quicker and sometimes she even leaves the shampoo and conditioner in the hostel/ hotel room for the next person, which is really thoughtful.


Another hack is if you have to travel with your own stuff but only have a carry on bag and not a checking bag you would normally put them in the small bottles that you can get for traveling now I know them bottles and not squishy and actually really hard to get the stuff out.

Well my friends don't fear now is the time to buy them squishy bottles! Why you may be asking? Its October! Thats why! Now I'm sure most of you know about buying your tickets 12-24 weeks before you travel as its the cheapest then, but do you guys know about seasonal buying? 

Seasonal buying is when you buy say winter gloves in summer because they are so much cheaper! I mean who wants to wear gloves in summer? It works both ways you can pick up a lot of things for traveling when its full on winter because its much cheaper.

I picked up a lot of stuff for traveling under £20 this month, and if I was going to get it in May it would have been over £50! Going back to my camping post, my Mum got that new tent for me at a price of £38, while normally it would have been £80! (All the music Festivals was over, Seasonal Buyer my Mum is now!)

So my friends people may think your weird buying travel stuff now but, you are actually saving yourself money! Which can actually go to your holidays next year! eBay is amazing for a lot of cheap travel bottles and sleeping masks, same as Amazon, I would recommend that you don't go completely mad and buying things that you don't actually need, or you might not use! And trust me don't just stick to brand names, non brands name stuff I have got has lasted longer than the branded ones.

I would suggest you gather up all of traveling things and write out what you have and check it over to see if you need a new one or not, now when you go on eBay/Amazon also price check, I know its cheaper but somethings on Amazon is cheaper than eBay and the same the other way. 

Also if there is reviews read them! Read them all as I haven't bought some items as some of the reviews were just so bad, it will help! 

But the one Hack I can give you is if you don't need it or you wont use it, don't get it! May people buy a lot of stuff and it doesn't get used at all so save your money guys! 

But yeah I'm going now but happy travels! Love you's a lot! 


Live Long And Prosper _\\//


Published by Ameliarose Newman