Do you have this time of day that you usually where you open facebook and you see someone making a #Hugot Post? And you'd say "Buti pa bundok kaya niyang akyatin kahit nakakapagod, pero puso ko pagod na mag hintay" you'll see that most of the time along with "Ang usapan natin "leave no trace" pero bakit ang sakit sakit pa din?" every one has this #Hugot lines in their lives that they should get out of their minds and hearts, at least doing this would make having a break up less painful in the long run.

do you have your own #Hugot? Comment on my comment box and lets throw down back and forth. This is probably the shortest article i ever published here, but this is for fun guys so share this article along with your travel #Hugot lines.

Published by Kimberly Anne See