Since there is already October, it means it is the perfect time to plan the winter holiday! This is a review & journal about Kopaonik Ski Resort! 

I’m sure that Kopaonik sounds pretty unknown for most of the people, so firstly, I am going to offer a few more details about the place.

It is a Serbian ski resort, containing 55 km of slopes available. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,147 and 2,017 m. It occupies the 16th place in the “Best European Ski Resorts” top.

The tourist resort on the Kopaonik includes hotels, rest houses,  excellent ski slopes, spa’s, and many other tourist facilities.

The sky, together with snowy firs and other fine green shades are framing a pretty nice landscape

One week spent in Kopaonik was more than enough to become eligible in recommending some good places to eat.  We tried almost every place; in the fourth day we discovered THE CAMELOT, and in the seventh one (the last day) we got a 20% discount on food because we became loyal clients. My favorite dish: grilled chicken with a three-kinds-of-cheese sauce, fries and some interesting raw vegetables (this dish after 5 hours of skiing was HEAVEN ). Dinner place, WURSTPLATZ, sausages/hot dogs for the win!



So, this is a cool way to deal with the cold: hitting the slopes, burning calories (and of course, making sure you “unburn” them ) and enjoying what February & the mountains have to offer!




Published by Diana Fofiu