Kansas City – Home of Chiefs Kingdom & the loudest stadium (in the  w o r  l  d )

Hey readers! Today was a calm and gloomy Tuesday but it sure was a whole different story this past Sunday. I had the opportunity to check out the KC Chiefs home opener game that took place at Kansas Cities Arrowhead Stadium! Which has gotten its title as loudest stadium in the world. Don’t believe me? Google it!

 (Shout out to my cousin and brother who gave me the ticket!) Much love.




From a designer standpoint I just cant help but to look at every promotional piece, environmental ad(s), every flag, every video on the screen, packaging strategies and so much more when going to big events like the  Chiefs games or KC Royals games. We (designers) truly have the power to inspire visitors from all over Missouri that the Chiefs are a powerful team through aesthetically pleasing powerful designs.


A really fun way to show off hometown love is through these awesome t-shirts. All over Kansas City they are sold in boutiques and major stores. My personal favorite from this Charlie Hustle Chiefs line is the Sunday Funday one. No lie.🙂  Charlie Hustle is amazing. Here is the link to the website: http://www.charliehustleshop.com/


The KC Royals went on to win the World Series in 2015 and throughout the season the city was plastered with ‘take the crown’ slogans and KC Royals homemade art pride.

Beautiful poster design by Todd  Radom  Design that shows off Kansas City’s Royals Stadium, cityscape and typography that states we are the champions.🙂
If you're  looking for a new city to visit, you for sure need to visit Kansas City, Missouri! 
Thanks for the read! More to come on Kansas City culture, art, and design~



Published by Claudia Sierra