Summer is the best time to get away but, we all know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to do so.

These are some of my favourite tips and tricks for traveling!

  1. Make lists! My favourite way of keeping track of what I need to get and need to pack is to make lists. I use Take a peek at mine:


    The 'before' category is for things I need to get done before I leave

  2. Pack minimally. Lists help to ensure that you aren't packing more than you need as you can slowly delete the items that are excessive or unnecessary. Also, if you plan on shopping while on vacation you don't want to fill your bag up before you've even arrived at your destination.


For more packing lists like these check out my vacation board on Pinterest:

4. Pack and organize in advance. Don't leave your packing to the night before. Decide on what outfits you plan on bringing beforehand and then pack it all up the day before to avoid wrinkles.

5. Print out all your tickets, passes, reservations, flight info and any itineraries you have a few days in advance and put it all into a folder or plastic paper cover. Also, check out the hotel your staying at and find out what amenities they have or what's going on in the area.

6. RELAX! You are going to enjoy yourself and should try to make this process as exciting and easy as possible.


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