Travel. Spend hours finding tickets, booking accommodations, discussing itineraries, packing suitcases.

Nag about the lines in the airport, putting all your liquids in a see-through bag and the laptop out in a separate bin. Nag the ever-decreasing leg room in the coach, far-from-delicious airline food and unpredicted patches of turbulence. Ignore the crowds in the destination airport, never-ending hallways to the rental car counters or the train station.

Fight. Fight the jet lag with the endless cups of coffee, fight the swollen feet with the thought that you will rest at night, fight the temptation to go to your hotel and sleep with another amazing view around that corner.

Learn. Learn to style your hair with fingers and hair band,  learn to live off whatever you packed in your suitcase or buy dime a dozen t-shirts that will only last you a trip. Learn new words, new road signs, new foods.  Eat something you never tried before. Eat that late night dinner because this is how locals do it. Eat that croissant even if you are watching your calories intake. Especially when you are watching your calories intake. Eat it.

Let go. Let go all “must-do’s”, all the “have-to’s”, all the restrictions and considerations. Sign off from your email. Turn off your alarm clock. Or actually… put it on for as early as you can – to soak in more of your travel destination. Be here and now. Capture the moment, savor it, enjoy every tiny second. Magical things will happen, I promise.

Open your heart and embrace. Embrace differences, similarities, sudden change of plans.

Come back a better version of yourself. Start planning the next trip.


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Published by Valeriya Chunikhin