Life is like love. If we do not treasure it, we'll be just ending up broken, hurt and lost. But, if we make an effort in making importance of  what we already have, then there's a big probability that great memories could be created as a beautiful memorabilia when we grew up.    

      Life could be so hard to estimate and understand, but it makes us stronger and braver each day thru different challenges and struggles we've been through. There are times that we are down. It feels like no one else cares, and willing to help. There are also times that we are up there enjoying what we've got. Through ups and downs we gain more of our experiences.

      All of us have wants and needs to be satisfied. But, not all of those should be bought. What we first need to satisfy are those what we need to live- water, food, clothes, and shelter. Gadgets, luxuries, hi-tech machines, etc. - those are just wants that adds up to our expenses. But, nowadays, how is life without it?

     These days, who haven't experienced using hi-tech phones? Well, maybe, those unfortunate ones, but let us be rational. Kids, nowadays, are more knowledgeable than us when it comes to the new trends. Isn't it bad or good? Instead of reading books they are now scrolling down their social media feeds. They now have more time in playing online games than playing outside with their friends. How they will experience the beauty of nature and the importance of social life at their age? 

     That's where I am very thankful for; that I did not belong to their generation. I can proudly say that my childhood days been too memorable. I did enjoyed playing "piko", "tumbang preso", "patintero", "luksong baka",  which are  traditional Filipino games. Here in the Philippines, your childhood experiences could not be complete without trying to play even one of those games; hide and seek is also one of the interesting games ever. 

     Now, what I wanted to say is that every parents all over the world should not be letting their kids outgrow their childhood experiences and memories. Parents, let your kids see the beauty of nature. Let them play traditional games, outdoor games and more with you and their friends. As we have seen on movies and televisions, hi-tech machines can ruin everything including our minds. So, as we still have time to wander and explore the importance of everyone's traditions and beliefs, let us do it. All of us should not be taking too much time with all of those gadgets and social medias out there. Let us make more time with our beloved love ones. It might be one of the greatest thing we could do in our lives. Let us treasure life and create great memories together.

Published by Lira Mae Centus