Each one of us at one time or the other in our life face the problem of pimples, breakouts, acne, oily skin
and we run here and there in search of the perfect solution that will help us by giving us a solution that
won’t have give any side effects. During this time any herbal remedy for acne can help us without
bothering our overall health.
Try these herbal remedies for acne:
Baking Soda

Did you know that baking soda is amphoteric?
It has the properties that can neutralise, normalize and balance the pH of the skin. The outbreaks on the
skin, pimples, excessive oil if you have these problems then you can believe the power of baking soda.
Combat the skin problem with baking soda
Take one to one ratio of baking soda and water and prepare a smooth paste. Apply it over the outbreaks
and any kind of pimples that you have. Remember for the longer period of time you will the more it will
make you skin dry. It is advised to not put it for more than 15 minutes. If you too much oily skin then this
would strip you off your natural face moisture and will help control the natural oils.
Tea tree oil
This is an herbal remedy for acne. It will totally clear up the signs of acne that might be present on your
skin. Due to its non-carcinogenic and anti-bacterial properties it is really good for the skin. Tea tree oil is
extracted from the leaves of the tree named Melaleuca Alternifolia Plant. If you want to fetch the best
results then you need to have 100% unrefined, chemical free and purest form of oil. Tea Tree Oil is easily
available at any supermarket.
How does this work?
There are tiny hairs present under the skin and the hair on the face and with the properties of tea tree
oil the bacteria that stays clinked to the hair follicles gets killed. The name of the bacteria is propionio
bacterium. It also has soothing and disinfecting properties that help reduce the burning of the acne and
itching that is caused due to the outbreak of the skin.
Apart from all this Tea Tree Oil helps by doing the following;
 Clears the eczema
 Softens the skin
 Soothes the razor burns
 Moisturises the skin

Coconut Oil
It has an important ingredient in it known as lauric acid which has antibacterial properties in it. Coconut
oil is ideal for treating acne as the lauric acid has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that
are ideal for fighting with the problem of acne.
Coconut oil helps protect and save the outermost layer of the skin, It is also great in ensuring that the
sebum glands help in proper functioning by lending the goodness of vitamin E. You can apply the
coconut oil on the skin externally or this can also be used for cooking. Both the uses are of great benefit.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Using too many harsh chemicals onto the skin, hair and body also leaves it damaged and helpless and
that is why we natural remedies have to be used in order to save the skin from it. Apple Cider Vinegar
will restore the acidity of the skin and by aiming the pimple it will reduce their presence.
As it is an anti-oxidant therefore it will remove the dead skin from the cell and make your skin look
totally new and revived.
How easy and simple are these isn’t it? Give these a try today!

Published by Devjeet Singh