My neighbour is a volunteer in animals shelter home. She is an extremely kind-hearted and nice lady. Her kindness and compassion is shining, you can feel when you are with her. I salute and respect for her strong effort in helping stray animals. I can't join her in the rescue operation, what I can do is to help to raise fund to those injured and sick animals.

Usually, she'll text me whenever help is needed, she'll forward all injured animals photo in order to raise fund to help them to pay for Vet's medical fees. Recently, I received a text message from her that a dog being injured by a man who cutting the dog's face and to have 56 stitches. Once I looked at the photos, I am weeping as I felt the pain of the dog and most important, I am compassion to such a human being who was taken unwholesome action and being so cruel to another being. We might be slightly more intelligent than our animal friends, why are we using our intelligent to exploit and torture other's life? The poor dog died as bleeding in internal organs. We've no right to take or injure other's life. I am sure you also don't want such an incident happen to you too.

I read a true story about 2 goose families (Black & White), are staying next to each other, a mother goose with baby goose. One day, the black mother goose was died and no one take care of the black baby goose. The white mother goose, immediately taken the role of "Black" goose to care of the black baby goose together with her white baby goose. Every night, she'll bring the black baby goose back to their "house" before she lead her baby back home. An animal also know how to express their loving-kindness and compassion. How sad if we are taking unwholesome action, we are worst than an animal.

Use our human intelligent to help and not to harm other's beings. Bring happiness and not suffering to other's life. I am sure you can!!!


Published by Hoh Li Jiun