So your EBT card has loaded - it's the beginning of the month - the first impulse is to run out and spend EVERY single dime on food, right?! WRONG! The idea is to take your monthly allotment and calculate how much per week you have to spend that way come the end of the month you still have money left over on your EBT card just in here's how we do it:

We receive $649.00/month on the 11th of the month

I take that $649.00 and divide it by the number of weeks between the 11th of each month - July 11th to August 11th is 4-Weeks this month, so that's $162.25 a week I have to spend on food.  Which in reality is a LOT more than we need.

This week alone, I spent $125.09 on my EBT card - of that $39.13 was for this week's meals leaving $85.96 spent on non-meal items.  This is an area we need to work on cutting down.  We're not perfect, but I know I am confident we'll have more than we need for the month.

So what did I get with these funds?

Spaghetti Dinner: Herbs & Spices are Items we have here at home

Tomatoes (Canned): $0.57

Tomato Sauce (Canned): $0.98

Tomato Paste (Canned): $0.36

Spaghetti Noodles: $0.97

Ground Turkey: $2.74

Total for this meal: $5.62

Pizza Dinner - Crust/Dough will be Made by Hand, Herbs & Spices are Items we have here at home

Tomatoes (Canned): $0.57

Tomato Sauce (Canned): $0.46

Tomato Paste (Canned) :$0.36

Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded): $2.48

Total for the Meal: $3.87

Beef Stroganoff:

Beef Cubes: $7.29

Stroganoff Mix: $1.48

Egg Noodles: $1.75

Sour Cream: $1.48

Total: $12.50

Chuck Roast - Herbs & Spices are items we have around the house

Beef: $13.94

Beef Broth: $1.00

Baby Carrots: $0.98

Red Potatoes x 2: $0.67

Yellow Onion x 1: $0.55

Total: $17.14

See we've managed to get meal items for less than $40.00 - we had one leftover meal from last week, Fajitas, that we enjoyed last night! All in all I am pleased!

Then the items we needed that we didn't purchase I baked!

I've spent the last two days baking up a storm so we have breakfast/snack/dessert items for the week!

See what you can do?!?!

Let's talk more about that EBT Stigma next time!

Published by Lara Girdler