Having to save money all the time, work stupid hours at a job I dislike, feeling under pressure, lost with what to do with my life. It can turn anyone insane. So what's the key to still keep doing all this humdrum crap but maintaining some sort of sanity? 


Basically, you've worked your ass off at work for the man, earned some pennies, now you have to go home to clean and cook. Dragging myself home, I run upstairs and put shit loads of make up on. I have no plans to leave the house. Probably wasting makeup but hey? treat yo self. I feel good, I grab the stupid broom and start sweeping the kitchen floor, I've got my old 90's bangers blaring, treat yo self.

I'm working two jobs, saving for a masters. I can't afford to go out and eat every week, or afford new clothes or to treat my boyfriend. It feels so restricting. Going home walking the dog, staying in, watching shit evening TV. Well, how can I keep my sanity with no money? I'm going to build myself a fort , yes that's right. Treat yo' self. Stack up some cushions and find some escapism. Whilst I'm in my fort of solitude I'm going to indulge in some decent nerdy ass gaming. I can lose myself in this shit for hours and not have to worry about chores or finances or the future, all I have to worry about is this damn chinese kid taking down my turrets. Or for those less nerdy, reading a good book, watching a rom com film and truly immersing yourself in the story.

Going to the gym 4 times a week, watching what you eat, making sure you're eating all your veggies. Lifting heavy shit up and putting it back down. All this discipline, craving a cheeseburger but wanting your perfect summer body! This is what cheat days are made for. TREAT YO' SELF. Went straight to McDonalds and got myself a double cheeseburger. Damn straight, I deserve it. To all those gym addicts about to tell me I have to run 100 miles to burn that off, well I just saved my sanity for a few more days, regardless if that put my progress back a few days. I am happy and that's what matters.

Making sure you do these treat yo' self days is really important, it helps to keep your motivation levels high so that you continue to save, continue to work that shitty job! Huzzah for treat yo' self days. 

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt