September 27th was my mum and dads anniversary so as a treat last weekend we took a 3 day trip to Hawes near Yorkshire dales national park. It was on a lovely site full of wooden lodges, most of which had hot tubs including ours. The trip got me thinking, its nice to treat yourself every once in a while and its not often that I or anyone I know treats themselves when they deserve it.

The two pictures above were from a visit to a waterfall we went to near the site. It was next to a quite little village, it was calm and clearly a tourist attraction but that was the beauty of it. Lots of little groups family's, couples ect around the beauty of nature.

 The lodge itself was amazing! It was very spacious and the beds were nice and comfy which I love because often when you go on holiday the beds are never that comfy, well for me its always like that, but I was very impressed with them. You could take 1 dog to the lodge but we decided not two since we have 2 bassets and its not fair to only take one.

Okay can I just say hot tub holidays are  the best! I went in the hot tub at night which was a fairly cold night since we are in autumn and oh my word it was the best. 37 degrees in water and about 5 out of water, it was great. If your going for a holiday and I defiantly recommended hot tub holidays especially if your planning to relax all the time, even if you are quite an active person you could go out all day then come back to the comfort of your own hot tub.   

Published by Lauren Abrahams