It’s no secret at this point: I work. A lot. And a day off doesn’t always come easily to me. I work through weekends and most holidays, and sometimes never see a day off until after seven days of straight work. So when I do get some time to myself, I try to make the most of it. Today was one of those days.


I just came off a seven-day work stretch, which I will admit is very tiring and strenuous on top of life’s other commitments and surprises, but reaching the end of it felt so good when I got home last night and fell into bed.

This morning I resolved – after much internal arguing – to go for a quick massage. I’m the kind of person who carries tension in their shoulders and neck. I walk around with my shoulders up to my ears during particularly stressful spans of time. I’m also horrible at doing things for myself; I’d purchase someone a gift certificate for a massage in a heartbeat, but for me? ME? Pay for something luxurious for myself? Well, that was something I changed today!

I did some research into local spas that offer massages and booked one in for the afternoon after lunch. I headed downtown for the appointment, and could literally feel the massage therapist trying to push my shoulders down and away from my ears. There was some ambient music playing in the tiny, dimly lit room, and I have never felt half an hour go by the way it did at that appointment! I am still on a budget, and always feel awful spending money on myself, but the half hour commitment was worth it. I left the spa feeling normal. My shoulders weren’t tense, and it felt like I could walk with a straight posture. I also smelled really good.

I decided I wasn’t ready to head home just yet on such a beautiful day. I ventured further downtown and decided to do another thing to treat myself: I got froyo.

I realize that frozen yogurt places offer a number of different flavours, but I have my staples. Cake batter is definitely one of them! I opted for that in an Oreo fusion and topped it with all of my favourite toppings: sprinkles, bobbas, caramel cups, Oreo pieces, and cookie dough. So. Much. COOKIE. DOUGH.

Instead of sitting down to eat indoors, I figured it would be good for me to get in a little more fresh air and walk back home since I took today as a rest day from vigorous exercise. The froyo doesn’t count when you walk and eat, right?

Having a day off also means getting to look forward to a home cooked meal that can be made at a relaxed pace. I opted for one of my favourite comfort foods: pasta! Macaroni and cheese, to be exact. With a simple addition of tomatoes and chili powder, it makes for a spicy and cheesy meal!

This recipe is so simple! I just made the macaroni noodles, then added in some shredded cheddar (and marble, because I ran out of cheddar) and a little bit of light cream cheese with the tomatoes into the same pot. I mixed it around to let it all melt together, then I indulged and enjoyed a delicious bowl of it! The best part is that I have leftovers for tomorrow.

What did I learn today? Treat yourself. Enjoy a massage. Eat the froyo. Eat the pasta. Your life is what you make it.

Published by Ashley Newton