You will age gracefully with all the wrinkles and lines on your face. Soon you may want to remove these lines and wrinkles to get back to your youth. Some creams and facials can help you to some extent, but these will not give you back those supple, smooth skins of your youth. Other measures are considered extreme. You can also find something in between these extremes which is more fruitful than both. These are the treatment of the wrinkles so that your face remains free of wrinkles and lines at different areas. You will not expose yourself to extremes like surgeries nor will you be wasting money on expensive creams and lotions.

Treatment to keep collagen intact

These wrinkle treatments are mostly done with wrinkle fillers. The skin has got a layer of collagen and elastin that holds the skin smooth and firm. As you age, your face gains more lines due to the lessening of the collagen layer. The wrinkle fillers keep your skin hydrated and smooth. They also help in keeping intact the collagen level underneath your facial skin. The fillers work as a plumping agent and keep the epidermis full from underneath. These fillers work wonders for a brief period of treatment, but they are not a permanent solution. You will find they remain good for about 8 – 10 months, and you will need fresh filling and proper maintenance after that period is over.

Fillers and the way they are used

These fillers for the skin are mostly injectable, and then they give the smooth appearance on your facial skin. These liquids that act as fillers are directly injected into your skin. There is some temporary filler too. They are:

  • Collagen that is made from purified cow collagen or even from other human collagens.
  • Hyaluronic gel – a protective gel that is produced naturally within the body.
  • Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) that are synthetic materials that are biodegradable and biocompatible.
  • Calcium hydroxypapatite – a mineral that is a component of any bones.

The FDA has approved the fillers that are made from absorbable materials. The authority also approves the one that is temporary fillers. The above-listed fillers are suitable for correcting the soft tissues of the face and are used for moderate wrinkles of the face. These are also used for skin folds and cheek augmentation and for filling of the shrinking lips. The facial losses of fat are filled with these fillers. These are also used for filling up the wrinkles at the back of the hands.

Fillers and some side effects

The fillers are to be used when you have some expert dermatologist present with you. You should check the experience of these dermatologists before going for the treatment with them. They will treat your wrinkles and lines with care. You should also make sure to know how to maintain the face after you get the filters installed. You may get some side effects like redness or itching after the treatment, but you should never get anything that would last for some hours. You should also know the products that they are using as wrinkle fillers and how are these liquids to be introduced into your body. Make sure to remember the time these fillers will work for your face and when you should come back for maintenance of these fillers.



Published by Emily Rose