Last week I saw an old tree that had been cut down and started to count the rings to see how old it was.  While counting I noticed some rings were much wider than others.  In years when growing conditions are good the tree will grow more than in years with poor conditions.  The rings in those years will then be larger.  The amount of growth in any given year depends on the conditions in that year.  The tree really has nothing to do with it.

    Our spiritual lives are somewhat similar.  We however, have much say in how we grow spiritually.  It depends upon the conditions in which we put ourselves.

    If we are continually in situations where spiritual growth is stifled, we will find it difficult to grow.  We may even fall backwards.  If we constantly put ourselves in situations where spiritual growth if encouraged and nurtured, it is very difficult to have anything other than growth towards maturity occur.

    In 2 Peter 3:18 the Bible tells us to “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (KJV)  By doing this we will find ourselves in situations where our spiritual growth will be continually nurtured.

Published by Ray Richards