At the end of the designer shows, it's time to sum up what awaits the fashionistas in the spring and summer of the coming year. In this article we are going to review some tendencies is shoe fashion.

Before we talk about all the fashionable shoe trends, let's dwell on the main points. So, in the spring-summer of 2018 the following shoes will be in trend:

  • transparent shoes;

  • models with a flat platform;

  • models on low heels;

  • shoes with flat soles;

  • flip-flops;

  • coarse shoes;

  • summer boots.

In the coming season, the main trend will be transparent shoes, made of silicone, plastic or PVC. Transparent models seem weightless and create the effect of flying above the ground. If you are not ready for such bold experiments, you can choose shoes, sandals or clogs with separate transparent details like shoes Pikolinos and Baldinini brands offer. Another unusual trend this year is a transparent heel.

Shoes on a flat platform inexorably loses its relevance, but more often in the lines of fashion houses you can find various options on a multi-layered or truly massive platform that can favorably go with the elegant top. You should know that these models do not necessarily look eccentric, among the presented assortment you can pick up quite elegant options as well.

Shoes-boats are classical shoes that will never go out of fashion. The color may change, but not the style. Many designers presented on the fashion shows the options like stylish stilettos, some of them are decorated with such decorative elements as sequins, fringe and frills.

If you do not like stillettos, you can choose low-heeled shoes called "kitten heel". You can remember it for the last year. This miniature heel in the spring-summer season 2018 will meet almost all types of shoes - from sandals and sabot to boots.

If you do not like the heel and platform, you can safely choose shoes on a flat sole, where the heel is completely missing – there are plenty of Pikolinos shoes like these. And you can combine them with thin socks. If earlier this trend seemed weird, in the new season it comes into fashion.

As for the flip-flops, in the new collections there are comfortable models on the heel, which are generously decorated with decor and can compete with any sandals.

Mule shoes are again in trend. These are comfortable shoes without a back. Nowadays models with a sharp toe and high heel are in vogue, made in soft or cold colors, or decorated with a snake pattern. They go well with jeans and casual clothing.

You can also choose mule shoes in the oriental style, which are decorated with metal decor, pompons, straps and stones.

In the spring of 2018, rough shoes, made in the style of unisex will be really fashionable. If you like more feminine models, you can prefer options with vegetable prints, paillettes or rhinestones.

And finally, summer boots are still in trend. Models made from leather are advised to put on a warm spring on a bare foot along with short skirts and airy dresses. Among the presented options, you can choose bright boots with a wide top, long boots-stockings and models with open socks.

Probably from the presented variety of shoes you can choose the ones, which will be a worthy decoration of your spring-summer wardrobe ranging from shoes Pikolinos and Geox to shoes Baldinini and Birkenstock brands

Published by Melissa Bailey