Are you looking to have the trendiest wedding possible? If so it’s a good job that you found this article. Something-Nice, in all their wisdom have provided a concise list of the trendiest wedding themes that currently are taking the wedding market by storm.

Something – Nice are a wedding and event planner in the United Kingdom, they specialise in hiring props to compliment the desired aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve whatever your event may be, so if you’re looking to make your wedding or event that little more special, check them out!

Rustic Theme

If you’re looking to step out from the crowd, look no further than having a rustic themed wedding.
The beauty of a rustic themed wedding is that all the props you need to accrue can be gained at minimal expense.

In general, you want the rustic items that garnish the wedding to be old, used, and have exposed wood.  Luckily for you if you’re planning this type of wedding – all of the aforementioned items are easy to come by and often do not need to be “Exact matches.” For example, if you were to have two types of wooden tables; one oak and rectangular and one pine and circular, there are a myriad of ways you can get the two to complement each other. Garnish the two types with the same hessian drape or owing to the natural look that you’re developing – flowers and vines.

If you’re planning on having the wedding in a barn or at the country side, using a rustic wedding themes is really the only way to go.

Fairytale Theme

Perhaps you’re looking for something a tad more unusual, then why not go with a fairytale theme to make sure that you and the groom live happily ever after?

Fairytale themes are becoming an ever more popular, because let’s face it, what woman’s dream isn’t to dress up like a Disney styled princess at her wedding?

Grand, bubbly white dresses with lace detailing the seams and pink decorations garnishing the venue will add to the contemporary beauty of the wedding ceremony.

Signage with Disney quotes will also help lend itself to the overall artistic flare that you’re going for, wha’ts more, when it comes to catering the event you can style the delicious treats after your favourite movie and use beautiful china to place the delicacies on…just make it whimsical and you won’t go far wrong!

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