You have mulled over interior décor changes for a couple of years. The thought of changing the way the inside of your home looks often leaves you feeling, well, tired before you open the first can of paint or hammer the first nail into a wall. Yes, changing your home décor will involve a lot of work.

However, the work is more than worth the sweat equity you put into an interior décor project.

Enhancing the interior décor of your home generates several benefits. The improved ambiance welcomes guests into your home. Numerous studies link an upbeat home décor to a boost in both energy and emotional health. In fact, some home decors can make homeowners feel happier. Above all, changing the décor inside of your home should increase the value of your home. The question is not whether to upgrade your home décor,

The question is how to do it.

Here are seven great ideas for your home décor in 2019.

Channel Your Tropical Feel

You already know about how adding plants in a room cleanses the air, as well as creates a calming ambiance that is ideal for entertaining guests. Our desire to reconnect with nature is mostly due to our increasingly hectic lives that are dominated by the use of technology. Sit down next to a house plant to read a book and leave the world of office politics downtown on the 10th floor of the corporate skyscraper. Nature delivers several benefits when incorporated in home décor ideas, but nature really sets the mood when you add tropical plants to your home décor redesign. A tropical ambiance soothes us when we dine out, and the same soothing power will emerge when you add a few commonly available tropical plants in one or more your rooms inside of your house.

Green with Envy

Tropical plants add a wide variety of colors to a room, with green representing the most prevalent color. Green is also the color to go with for improving your home décor. From green patterned wallpaper to different shades of green to paint in different rooms, you have implemented one of the great ideas in 2019 for your home décor. Green hues run the full spectrum, from rich teals to light yellow-green. One of the most popular greens homeowners use for home decors is called Kelly Green. The popular type of green produces a deep, nature first ambiance, especially when it is used to highlight paintings depicting rustic scenes. Kelly Green tantalizes the eyes by representing the growth of life.

Paint Enhances the Appearance of Wood

If you have cabinets that are wood stained, you understand that time can slowly degrade the appearance of the wooden accessories. Exposure to humid conditions can cause wood stained home accessories to crack and/or crumble. Not all home décor solutions need to take a lot of your time, not to mention make a huge dent in your home improvement budget. Painting wood stained home accessories is a prime example of the less is more strategy for improving home décor. You select your preferred color and simply paint over the exposed sections of the wood stained accessories. Another way to use paint on wooden home accessories is to paint over wooden doors, particularly wooden doors that are directly exposed to humid weather conditions.

Hang Murals…

…by using wallpaper. Once considered a dated home décor idea that ruled the world of interior design when John Travolta ruled the big screen in Saturday Night Fever, wallpaper is making a huge comeback in 2019. Part of the reason for the resurgence in popularity of wallpaper stems from its affordability. Nonetheless, by selecting an attractive wallpaper design, you can create the ambiance you want in any room. Visually appealing new colors and patterns has significantly broadened the options available for homeowners. If you want to save money and still enjoy the visual benefits delivered by wall art, hanging mural wallpaper is a strong option. Murals offer the same aesthetic appeal as the aesthetic appeal offered by more expensive wall art. With wallpaper easier than ever to put up and take, you can change your mural wallpaper to account for seasonal themes.

Floral Patterns Are In

Subtly elegant and with the capability to leave a positive visual impression for years to come, floral patterns are one of the great ideas in 2019 for your home décor. Instead of high maintenance live plants and other types of vegetation, you bring nature indoors by invoking flower power. Myriad color options allow you to change the mood of different rooms. For example, you can go with bright green and yellow floral patterns in the kitchen. For the more subdued living room, deep red and violet floral patterns exude a tranquil ambiance that will put your guests as ease.

Optimize the look and Placement of Furniture

Did you know that you do not have to learn new home décor techniques from noted experts such as Martha Stewart? You have the time saving and affordable option of rearranging the furniture in multiple rooms inside of your home. Let’s look at the living room. Instead of making the four seat sofa the dominant piece of furniture, why not move the sofa to along one of the walls and bring in four smaller chairs to circle around an antique coffee table. You have turned a spacious living room design into a cozier living room design that is much more conducive for interaction. Another furniture home décor idea is to replace some of the furniture with curved furniture featuring soft lines that complement the appearance of other softer looking home accessories. Soft lines carved into curved furniture delivers a peaceful feel for any room. Learn more about incorporating the great ideas for your home décor in 2019, and stay up to date with news by checking out House Tipster.

Change Fabrics

We have discussed why paint is a great way to upgrade the look of your home décor. Do you know you can benefit from the same upgrade by changing out fabrics? We are not talking about changing only the drapes hanging over the living room windows. You can also implement a great home décor idea in 2019 by changing out the fabric covering accessories like bedding, pillows, and seat cushions. If you plan ahead, you can stock enough fabrics to make seasonal changes to the way every room looks.


Published by Samantha Brown