No matter how much we love western wear, when it comes to special moments like wedding, parties and other traditional celebrations, nothing can beat our love for ethnic wear. No matter how fashionable and westernized we have got, the hottest choices of outfits for brides is just lehenga. They explore the latest lehenga collection online as well as at the traditional stores to pick the best option for their D-day.

Moreover, the contemporary brides are not restricted to red, pink, maroon and other conventional shades. They don’t mind experimenting with different hues and looks for a right combination of chic yet elegant bridal outfit for their wedding. If you are also going to get married soon and looking for some unconventional and exciting lehenga choices, here are the colors that will be in trend this wedding season.

1. Thunderous tangerine

Though this is very close to the family of traditional colors like red and maroon, tangerine color can still make you look different from typical brides. If you are looking for a vibrant look on your wedding day, thunderous tangerine is the right color for you. You can further play with this color by replacing traditional gold with the roasted almond shade.

2. Grandiose blue

I know, blue and black colors are not considered ‘Shubh’ or lucky for the special occasions like wedding. Ask your mom or grandmother about blue color lehenga and they will start scolding you. But it is your responsibility to make them understand and convince them to allow you to wear royal blue color on your wedding. This helps you perfectly flaunt your confident and reliable personality.

3. Refreshing green

You must have seen Muslim brides wearing the dark green outfit on their wedding, but we are not talking about that green. We are talking about Lucite green that might not be everyone’s favorite color for a wedding. If you are getting married in summers or rainy season, this minty green should be your bridal lehenga choice. You can easily find bridal lehenga online in this shade.

4. Splendid grey

If you don’t want to wear gray lehenga on your D-day, you can buy an icy version of this shade for other functions like reception, ring ceremony or Mehendi. To make it look more vibrant and chic, you can play with some other colors like yellow, blue etc. The striking contrast of these bright colors with gray will make you stand out of the crowd at your wedding function.

5. Dreamlike aquamarine

Look like a style goddess at your wedding or any other function in surreal aquamarine color. This bright and sober color is the like the breath of fresh air and makes you feel calm in front of huge halogen lights. Needless to say, the aura you will create in this ensemble will leave every guest at your wedding awestruck.

6. Marvelous almond

Even the thought of a roasted almond color lehenga on wedding fills me with the excitement. Just check the bridal lehenga collection online at stores like Satya Paul and you will feel like getting all of them for your special day due to their unique color and beautiful design. If you want to leave an impression that is hard to ignore, this color is the best option for you.

7. Luxurious strawberry

Don’t mistake it as the loud pink spectrum worn by conventional brides. Strawberry ice is a versatile color, perfect for the brides looking for a lavish and subtle look at their wedding. This color is a perfect combination of classy and refreshing charm.

These are some fashionable and trendy colors for bridal lehenga. Now if you are thinking about the right place to buy the latest design, just explore the lehenga collection online at Satya Paul and get ready to break the rules by saying no to the conventional bridal colors.

Published by sandeep Malik