The darkness engulfed over the billions.

massacres,droughts,crazy radicals across the nearby horizons.

In every direction he looked around far and near,

the sphere of a way out was right there,

midst the galaxies of universes.

The ghost of future present and past,

made its presence in his loved room felt.

His love,his reason for memories tried harder to decipher!

The darkness sent lines thick and thin in desperate,

he and his love prayed quietly in astonishment !

Adventure was knocking at him to go explore.

He followed in the dark with his jeep lights for ever,

to be captured by a strange block of soldier.

The dying world reminds him to be a pioneer.

His love says stay, but off he goes in tears the traveler.

In search for a world to survive, to save the memories of his love,

with handful of explorers into the dark universe of hope.

Through the miracle of shortcut to space-time,

he wondered how and who was helping them move!

Blindly they followed into the sphere to a galaxy far far away .

choices were three,two dangerously close to dark magical mystery.

The answer for existence thrived in the centre beyond naked reality,

The stuff of life struck them hard once and almost twice!

In despair they returned to endurance from a 23 year long journey,

to find life pass away in messages and hopeful emotions .

The tears of joy and sad falls through and you remember love is the desire.

Love transcends through all dimensions she says, beyond time beyond perspective!

Theory prevails, experience calls on and planet of promise is not a choice,

with a sense of loss, the journey continues to a 134 hours of cold a day!

Sign of  the nonstop signals to  wake up the man,the pioneer,

a hope, a bright light is rekindled in minds of the greats.

But for an unforeseen revelation of plan b the priority.

The realization of leaving love behind and paving ways for a new colony.

decisions are made, selfish self- centered actions leads to a life lost.

Was the pioneer right or the father right?, questions a confused sanity!

Hijacked endurance, explosion in the vast dark space,

Last trial of sheer experience and pulses in a deliberate race.

To hatch on to the mother of hope but to be pulled towards mighty darkness,

Price to pay along with tars, in order to marry the transcendence!

To a physical dimension here being a book-case ,

And it strikes when the non-linear time plays a game.

Where every moment of a little girl is presented by his future,

He plays the mysterious ghost who mingles with past present and future all at once.

And “they” become crystal clear.

It was us helping us  across time and gravity,he says!

with quantifiable love, tremendous distances in time space is closer.

and the journey is made, but to start again in search of the promised world,

where she awaits with love hope and patience!!


Published by Deepthi Suresh