Halloween has come and gone and now I almost feel sad that it went by so fast! I just love it and the autumn vibe that is surrounding october. The red, yellow and brown leaves, the spiced apple candles, the wind blowing, and HALLOWEEN!… Ahhh it’s just the best.

I really love halloween… All the craziness and excitement  about what to wear and what kind of costume would be good and how to do your makeup so it can look good and a bit scary! I  personally see halloween as a time where you should dress up as something scary, of course I dont want to look crazy scary and scare myself. But I like it to be something that is concidered scary.

As last year I was going to a halloween party with some friends and of course I was doing it again this year! Last year I was dressed up as the scary little doll in the Saw movies! You know, the creepy little thing with the huge head and red circles on it’s cheeks and the little bike. I couldn’t find a bike but I think it was cool anyways!
This year I went old school and dressed up as a vampire and I did not regret it one bit! I got a few of “You are not gonna bite me, are you?” -comments and of course I got a little sassy and answered that their blod wasn’t good enough for me to drink. You can never get too sassy as a vampire!


As you can see I went for a long black dress, simple black high heels, black nailpolish, darkred contact lenses, of course a red lip. The makeup was kind of a dark smokey eye but not really too much because I wanted the eyeliner to come through and I wanted the red lip to be in focus with the “blood” dripping from the corner of the mouth. I also make bitemarks on my neck, which cannot be seen, but I just used a little black and red makeup and blended it in tiny circles to create the bitemarks. I thought about getting myself some vampire teeth, but I knew that I would throw them away after 2-3 minutes, so I just didn’t even wanted to try.
My friend was going as a broken doll. And you can see how her face is breaking. It was actually very last minute costume for her, because she was thinking of going as something else but changed her mind a couple of hours before the party! But I think is turned out good!

Well, halloween is officially  over for this year, but I am not letting my spiced apple body creams and baked apple candles go anywhere for now, at least! I am still enjoying it too much!
I hope you all had an amazing halloween with a lot of happiness, laughter, good friends and family and not to forget scary moments!

Published by Elma Omukic