Tricks & Tips: Snapchat


First things first, I love social media and I think everyone has the right to post whatever makes them happy. If it makes you happy to post youtube videos of your fave new artists constantly or give unwarranted advice then I say more power to you! Your brand is your own so feel free to express yourself however you need. However, I have some tips and tricks that just might help you become the talk of the town (or at least the classroom....)


1. How to Know if Someone has Deleted You

So apparently this is one of the most google'd things about Snapchat. No one likes a one-sided relationship and the same is applied here. It's easy. Hold down your finger on someone's name on your friend list/stories list. Can you see the score? For example, a name will show up such as "BobDylan | 5,522". If there is no score than this person deserves a talking to as to why they deleted you especially if they are your significant other. I'm kidding, people have many different reasons to not follow others they're close to on social media. My rule used to be that I immediatley unfollowed people who didn't follow me. If they didn't care about my life then why did I care about theirs? Thankfully, I matured a little and read way too many articles on "why people didn't follow me" (real Google search, #guilty) and realized it's not that simple. For your own self-love, you shouldn't follow people who make you mad or really jealous. How is that helping you become the best you? It's driving you to succeed in such a negative fashion it may become very unhealthy for some people... like it did for me.

2. Lighting is EVERYTHING

Snapchat needs good lighting. Snapchat is a small app that doesn't take up much room on your phone for a reason. It doesn't matter how big or nice your phone is. Snapchat selfies are best in white florescent lighting (sorry sun). Snapchat scenery pictures while vacationing are best at 2pm bright sunlight times. Now if you like low-lighting, Instagram may be more your picture posting scene.

3. Videos are Fun Sometimes, too

Okay so videos are best taken length wise and those dang geo-filters don't work length wise but bare with me. Snapchat is for sharing memories and when someone post pictures, there's already a view of in-authenticity in their audience. We [the millenials] grew up with editing software for everything, especially for photos. Even Facebook had a feature for a short time to edit photos when you posted them instead of using a third party app. Videos are real and can't be copied and pasted into Snapchat (except with that new sharing from camera roll feature) and videos are the best way to show in-the-moment life experiences. Think about it this way, Snapchat is a verticle app. You watch stories vertically with the video/picture/text taking up the whole screen. It gives the illusion you are not just the audience but the literal, physical bystander of these proceeding events. When a picture is posted, it's as if you took the picture yourself (unlike Instagram's signature square photos). So when a video is shown to you it's as if you took the video and the liberty to take that video makes the experience that much more real. 

4. Know When To Turn Your Notifications Off

If you're in grade school (like I once was) then texting in class or having your phone on at all is a big No-No. If you're in grade school and you occassionally text anyway (like I once did) despite the rules then you admit that apps like Snapchat detract even more from the academic scene. I remember in high school, I had wi-fi provided by the school and all us suckers connected to it automatically until we learned that the school blocked social media sites such as Tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram. It's hard to hear (and not sound like a parent telling you this) but your friends stories will wait. They'll sit there till after class and you'll still be able to see them. It's true that nothing beats a live-experience but the important things will always be available to find out later.

5. Overcome the Pressure to Have the MOST

I'm a psychology major so the thinking behind people's need for validation is really important for me to understand. Easier said than believed, if you don't think anyone cares for you... I DO! Let's cut to the chase, I want to be liked. You probably want to be liked. Humans have an inherent need to be liked that's why American culture, for example, thrives on celebrities and gossip. Social media only adds to the need to have a good image and defining your own brand. The competition surrounding who has the most re-tweets is why I left twitter. The competition surrounding who has the most likes is why I left Facebook. Now I never want to leave Snapchat but I know I feel a need to have the most views on my stories and that is something I, personally, watch out for. I can say that it doesn't matter but it also really does. I can't fight my own human nature. What I say to you is do what makes you happy. If posting everyday makes you happy then do it. If not having a story ever (at all) keeps you satisfied then good for you. Don't become someone else to be liked by other people.

6. Changing Your Username Can Make Finding You Easier

We all have that one person on Snapchat whose username contains a dirty words or just doesn't make any sense at all and that's why adding a name is so important if you want to stick out.. and have people not question your drunken idea that one night. My username is @sanstomatoes but my name is The Blindian  [insert glitter emoji here]. If you are a frequent user on Snapchat you'll know that you can add celebrities to have a sneak peek into their personal lives (or just see Ariana Grande talk about the highlighter on her nose all day) and lots of celebrities have emojis next to their name that Snapchat has given them as an identifyer. Here's your chance to be famous among your friends!

So there you have it, my few Snapchat tips and tricks. I'll try to add more when I have time. This is just my starting list! I have so much to share. Feel free to add your own comments of what to do that makes you stand out!


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P.S. My Snapchat username is @sanstomatoes ;)

Published by Leela Hammond