Imagine going under a waterfall and water falling all over you with all its force. One of my first trips in the Phillippines was to Pagsanjan Falls. We had our college trip and we took a boat ride of an hour to reach the waterfall. The waterfall was beautiful and I was used to just watching the waterfalls back in India. I noticed a raft and we were told to wear helmets. I felt  "no way I am gonna go under that."

The raft took around 15 of us closer to the falls and then under it for 15 seconds and it was water all around. I could feel the force of water on my helmet and all of us were shouting. The next moment I was amazed as I could see rocks across the waterfall. We then got down and enjoyed in the pool of shallow water there. The experience when we got back was same and believe me we all wanted to go back for another round.

One of the best things about Philippines is that travel is organised and people are very friendly. Safety is never compromised and even when we were enjoying in water, there were people observing us.

I am sure words cannot describe the feelings that I had and so I would want all of you to visit this amazing place. I will leave you to some pictures from my trip.









Published by Akanksha Sinha