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A throwback to my time in paris which was from the 31st of December 2015 to the 2nd of January 2016. I actually cant believe how fast 2016 has gone, it feels like only yesterday I was walking down the streets of Paris, photographing all the pretty lights at the Christmas market. I have put together ​a couple of pictures I took, enjoy.

Obviously you cant go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower, the first thing we did was go on a boat tour down the Seine river which past lots of famous French landmarks. It was interesting learning about the city and going down the river. I took quite a few photos while on the boat and was pretty impressed with how they turned out since it was my first proper time using the camera.

The Christmas market was amazing, I felt extremely festive even though it was after Christmas. Each stall was unique in its own way, there were foods, candles, cushions, jewellery and ornaments stalls. I loved every second I spent in Paris and will never forget it.



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