In Summer 2015 we packed our backpacks and gave good hugs to all the sweet people we love. Let go of all material belongings, the flat, the contracts. Jumped off as long as we’re not already too entangled in the system.


An easy start

Denmark, Sweden, Finland. When you hitchhike, dumpster dive and live in a tent, travelling the Scandinavian countries is basically for free. Sudden independence. Stunning and peaceful nature all around us. A new kind of home.

The last week of July we hitchhiked south, following the sun. All August we stayed in Lithuania. We came there originally to meet some lovely friends at the Lithuanian Rainbow Gathering. We had experienced our first Rainbow the previous year in Romania. This time things appeared to be a little less romantic. Having dreadlocks and wearing feathers and pearls doesn’t automatically give you a peaceful mind. In many cases being hippie seemed rather to be a fashion than a mentality. A lesson for us; Try and enjoy being forever searching.

We moved on, celebrating a Guru’s birthday at a Hare Krishna Temple in Vilnius. We helped to cook the birthday meal which turned into a true feast. Amazing and delicious food, more than anyone could ever eat. A dance and collective chanting. We don’t know what’s up and where anything comes from yet, we like to stick with celebrating life and everything we experience rather than worshiping (any) almighty source. But the Krishnas are without a doubt very colorful and very open.

Before leaving Lithuania we volunteered at a small alternative, non-commercial festival, called Sunny Nights Festival. Aside from the superb food it offers many different workshops and concerts, and it’s a chance to hang out with the locals. It was a very inspirational way of making a festival: Everyone could express themselves and participate with whatever. That’s what gives it the spirit and quality, and what makes it independent.

We are still on the road.

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Published by Lena and William Sikker