On the 1st of September we arrived in Poland. William arrived at being where he was. When you are on a big travel you can have lots of thoughts about where you have been and where you look forward to go. If you instead notice and appreciate the uniqueness of what surrounds you right now, you will feel very lucky for what colorful landscape you are in. Poland turned out to be amazing.

Climbing the Ladder

We hitchhiked south for two weeks just enjoying the nature, making music. Then began our volunteer work at Bhrugu Aranya, an eco village and one of the worlds few Homa Therapy Centers. Just in time to harvest some of the worlds juiciest tomatoes, plums, pears and apples. And to eat them everyday for breakfast, with porridge.

It’s all about vibrations

Our days started at six in the morning, when the sun rose. That’s when Agnihotra is practiced, daily, at the exact moment of sunrise and sunset. It’s a fire ritual, where some special ingredients are burned, while the Agnihotra mantra is recited. Homa Therapy is said to be a sound science, and Agnihotra a practice that adds nutrients to the atmosphere, heals it, makes humans more happy, animals more healthy and the land more fertile.

The chance to experience Homa Therapy was an important chapter of our travel. Totally unexpected, as we before had never heard of it, we ended up being exactly were we should be, working with nature as the primary teacher, learning about this ancient knowledge. The meditation several times a day plus the physical work in the garden created a good base to calm and reflect, as it washed away all the spontaneous lies of the busy everyday life.

For us maybe the most valuable lesson to learn during our stay was to remember to be an observer at all times and also keep doing it. Having the feeling of discovering an enlightening truth is one thing; It comes with the nice feeling of reaching a higher step on the ladder, but you have to check every day if you are actually still living after your values.

We are still on the road.

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Published by Lena and William Sikker