We had imagined to travel on and on – east, east, east. So to fly back to Berlin, in only two hours, the same distance that had taken us half a year to travel, was unexpected and hard to grasp. Our own choice but not for our own sake. A change but a good one.
On the 1st of February we arrived at Hamburg ZOB. At that point we didn’t know how long our stay would take. We were now certain that our middle eastern friends arrival up in the cold north to apply for asylum wouldn’t be a matter of days. To stay put and eventually receive them was cause of this trip home and definitely worth the wait – and so we waited. From that moment on plans couldn’t be taken seriously anymore. Acknowledging the power of the waves and seeing where they take us.

Freedom Step Two

One and a half month later

Still no good news. Disillusioned. Stress and pressure crept into the minds, that had for the past half a year fed on sunshine, butterfly’s and bird songs and the reliability of sunrise and sunset, day and night. A life of spontaneous decisions had given us our freedom and made us float around as light as leaves. Now we were stuck, meeting great expectations and basically being unable to do a thing, since all important decisions lie in the hands of politicians who so it seems all would rather hand the responsibility over to someone else. How paradox.

We were spending the time working, cooking and smoking too much, compensating. But to constantly swim around in the own juice is incredibly unhealthy and luckily we had our families and friends to remind us, while at the same time giving space for new perspectives. Living inside the friend bubble for some time was nice – the world we create… Some friends had changed, some not at all. Have we changed? Do I see my own change in you?

And it was also nice to meet the parents again after some time had passed and see them as the nice and normal people they are, not making them responsible for everything. Still it’s a one of a kind bond between a child and it’s parents so it wasn’t always easy to give each other space and to let in all the love and care.

Coming home didn’t mean coming back, and it turned out it was both, relaxing and scary. So many people we love, so much comfort. At the same time much evaluating and being confronted. Was it all over? Have I learned enough? Do I feel the experience still after telling the story over and over again? Do I even feel like telling the story anymore? Home was a place we experienced with new eyes. I know the streets very well but they are not so much part of me anymore, not more than other places. I am my own center now.

Williams music production was flowing very well being back in the nest. He made some songs, we made music videos and fancied up the blog. Lena made different album covers and small paintings, William played on the streets and had his first concert with his own stuff. Feeling good about the output.

We are still on the road.

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