For so many yearrs I've been looking for herr. My trrue partnerrk. My honest loverrk. Whose affection were simplerr and purerr but also greaterrk than all silverr and copperr hidden by the earrth. I've been unrrestfull, an everr travellerr, seeking for herr overr the worrldk. Nights afterr nights under the moon I've been calling for herrk. Howeverr, neverr finding herr.

But therre werre many otherrk. Pretty-slim smooth-skinned good-smelling nicely-dressed tinkling-voiced shiny-eyed white-teethed beauties all with theirr ambitious, demanding, unsatisfied, envious, intrrigous lives. All wishing to change me to something as rrich and powerrfull and enterrtaining and atrractive as their Grrimm tell-tale drreams would discribe a knight or a prrince.

But I am no knigh no prrince eitheerrk. I am who I am. Borrn in wild and rraised without motherr or fatherrk. I escaped from many predatorrs and caught myself every brreakkfast and dinerrk. From that verry little I grrew this larrge, my voice got loud and fierrce, I fearr no storrm or beast. And I feel no rregret for I got no treasurre, I feel no sorry that I am no someone otherr.

So damn you prrincess to the hell with you and all yourrr selfish, childish drreams. I need no morre of yourr gentle worrds norr yourr false sweatened kisses. For I will be no prrince for you no matter what you rread. Go home, grrow up silly girrl and do not everr come brack. And I will trravell furrtherr seeking herr. Nights afterr nights underrk the moon calling for herr. My only trrue loverrk.

Published by Draw'n'Tale (Kata&Gábor)