We all love vacation, don't we? It's something we look forward to. Something we yearn for. To have that time to 'escape reality' with our loved ones and not have a care in the world for X amount of days. To forget your responsibilities. To let go and be free, have fun, free your mind.

What if I told you, you could do that without getting on a plane, spending tons of money, and taking time off of work? What if I told you, you could experience that kind of happiness daily, without spending a cent? No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I am going to explain how. Why? Because I never thought this was something real, only fantasy. I never thought I could feel as happy as I did when I lived in Hawaii for several months in the small town I live in back in Ontario. How could one be as happy in their day to day life compared to being on a tropical island sipping on a fresh coconut by the ocean? HOW?!

YES. This is real. Is this something you achieve? No.

Is this something you can choose to be in every single moment? Yes.

Again you may ask, how?!

Let's get right into this, shall we?

I am here sharing this with you today because like I said before, when this idea of thinking was presented to be, I brushed it off, as a joke almost. I didn't believe it was possible. My mind spun in a million different directions, the only one that stuck was that I was being presented with some impossible ideology of a pity party, to help me cope with my sadness after leaving the island and coming back to 'reality.'

Reality. This is something I want to start with. What IS reality, really? I mean, to most of us we think reality is the grim black and white of our work work work society. No fun, no play, all work. Our 9-5 jobs, 5x a week. Hence why vacation, travel and trips are something we yearn for.  Something we day dream about & also why lots of people drink on the weekends to escape their weekly lives. Something we tend to tell ourselves we can't have often. If we're lucky, a few times a year. Whether you are single, in a relationship or married with children. We all seem to have this idea that 'reality' holds us back from what we really want.

Whether that be the dream to permanently live on a tropical island, or achieve your biggest dreams. Travel the world, whatever it may be.

I just want to start off by saying, our reality is completely our choice. What our reality IS, is completely up to us. We control our present, we control our future. It is not something that just 'happens to be' or 'just is.' It is a complete reflection of our desires, thoughts, words, and actions. In every single second we are literally creating our own reality.

So my question to you is..what do you want yours to be?

Are you happy? Do you enjoy what you do? How your life has come to be?

If so, continue on, I am extremely happy to hear you are enjoying this beautiful gift of life we've been given. I am truly so so happy for you.

Although, if you are not, change it.

Yes yes, I know, if you're reading this you might be thinking... 'it isn't that easy,' 'I have responsibilities.' Whatever it may be, I understand.

But understand this, YOU are a divine light being. Who was given free will, and freedom of speech from birth. No one is forcing you to do anything, no one is making you live the life you are except you. You are the creator of your own reality, it is in no ones hands but yours.

I ask you this. If today, you could change EVERYTHING and turn your life into the exact dream fantasy you wish you could be living, would you? Or would you allow fear and self doubtnto hold you back?

If you've read 'Welcome To My Blog~ INTRO' you'll know how I touched on gratitude and how important it is. 

We all say thank you when we receive a gift or the door is opened for us, but most of us neglect to give thanks to what we have around us daily. Do you wake up and automatically think of something you're grateful for? If not, start today. How?


Step 1: Wake up in the morning and write down 10 things you're thankful for. If you're reading this, you definitely have enough to write down. If you're in a pickle thinking of what...what are you reading this on right now? You woke up this morning didn't you? Just being alive is something to be excited over. There are so many opportunities, so many possibilities. Don't limit yourself.

Step 2: Go find a rock in your front/backyard, a park or forest near you, not to big, but not to small. Just big enough to comfortably fit in your hand. You're going to keep this by your bed side. Every night before you go to bed, hold the rock in your hand and think of what you were the most grateful for that day. 

**once you continue to do this daily, your mind will start running through so many things you were grateful for that day and you will feel overwhelmed with joy!**

PS: The key is TRULY feeling that gratitude. Giving sincere thanks.

Step 3: Create an inspiration board/book. Get a journal, or a big piece of bristol board from your local dollar store. Get as many as you want, although if this is your first time making one, you might just want to start off with one and go from there. This board accepts only your biggest dreams and desires. Places you want to go, thinks you want to see, goals you want to achieve. No dream is to big. Pictures, words, whatever you'd like that will get you excited to look at every morning, imagining yourself seeing those places, doing those things.

~ Now this is *important*

While creating this dream/vision/inspiration master piece, you cannot allow fear or self doubt to get in the way. Do not think about how it will come to be, do not think of the money, just KNOW that you will, and it shall be. 

I have a YouTuber video showing you my final product, how it came to be and the importance of it; check it out at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4niun1wIRbg.


Step 4: Write down a list of your desires, dreams, whatever it may be and carry it with you daily. Look at it a few times and sit in peace, day dreaming amount how you would feel having got what you want. Feel the excitement, the rush, the happiness, truly feel thankful for it. Because thought is creation, what are you creating this very moment?

Step 5: Appreciate the small things. I never used to take a second feel the grass beneath my feet. The beautiful blue sky and puffy cotton candy clouds up above. Running water, clothes, our vehicles that get us from one place to another. Whether it ours cars, a bicycle, or our own two feet and a heart beat. Start to notice everything around you, and you will start to feel the magic.


Over time once you've started implementing these things into your daily life, you will feel so much joy and realize how beautiful everything is around you & how a 'vacation' is no longer an escape, but a beautiful experience to see more of our magical mother earth. Once you live and cloak yourself with gratitude, you will no longer want to escape the world in which you live in. Life is a journey, live it to its fullest.

Do not allow yourself to play the victim and have a victim mindset that things just 'happen' to you. They do not.

Once you realize you have complete control over your own future, the way you choose to think and feel, you will then come to realize, that true paradise is a state of mind.




Published by Jas Davies