Sigh, I’m busy, busy, busy right now, but you’re never too busy to scare yourself a little.  Right?

To start, we have five high school stories from Darkness Prevails.  Because ordinary high school isn’t scary enough, we have these tales of creeps, ghosts, and other things to make classes the least of your worries.

Unit #522 has three stories that will chill you to the bone, including a security guard receiving threatening phone calls in the middle of the night.  Then, if general alien abduction stories aren’t scary enough for you, Top 5 Unknowns has five abductions that resulted in deaths.

Top 15s video of unsolved paranormal mysteries begins with the famous Enfield Poltergeist case, before moving on to haunted toy stores and mysterious shipwrecks.  Things get more intimate with HorrorStudio1’s three stories of people seeing ghosts of their friends, including a phone call warning the narrator not to have a planned operation.

Doctor Horror offers up a video of people who chose to kill their lovers on Valentine’s Day.  Ah, romance.  If you have some to kill, Be. Busta presents an almost hour long video of true scary stories, ranging from shadow people to creepy strangers.

Darkness Prevails has five scary stories from Canada, including a sighting of Canada’s famous lake monster, the Ogopogo.

Strange Mysteries video of ten cursed objects includes a painting linked to numerous fires, as well as the famous story of King Tut’s tomb.  There are also some rather bizarre selections here, such as a soccer player who’s goals are always followed by deaths of famous people, and Colonel Sanders cursing a Japanese baseball team.

Sticking with curses, we finish with Top 15s list of deadly curses, which includes The Kennedy family and the Hope Diamond, along with the rumoured curse on the movie The Omen. 

Published by Andrew Clendening