As Halloween draws ever closer, here are some examples of the true(?) creepy stories from YouTube that I am totally not addicted too.

ReignBot offers four messages from beyond the grave, including author Dean Koontz claiming to have been forewarned of a deadly attack by his father, thanks to a phone call from his deceased mother.

Moving onto the bizarre recent trend of threatening clown sightings, MaddMike offers four such instances caught on camera.  This list includes a potential home invasion caught on home security camera.

Clown videos also appear in Top 5s list of mysterious videos that seem to defy explaining.  There is also apparition on Lake Superior and a very disturbing tutorial video about grave robbing.

Lazy Masquerade’s video presents six disturbing dreams that turned out to be prophecies of the future.  From a man whose recurring dream of falling to his death from a ladder helped him avoid suffering the fate in reality, to a life-saving dream message from a grandfather.

VARBAGE lists ten convincing ghost photos, while Top 5s offers up five of the most credible alien encounters stories of all time. The later video includes claims of three meetings between aliens and former President Eisenhower.  The Storyteller presents five other believable alien encounters, including infamous author Whitley Strieber, who went from publishing fictional horror novels to reporting his own supposed lifelong history of alien encounters and abductions.  The video also mentioned the Betty and Barney Hill case, probably the most famous alien abduction story of all time.  There are also a couple of lesser known (at least to me) stories, from trucker Scott Murray’s story of the bizarre events leading up to his wife’s suicide, and the abduction of Manhattan resident Linda Cortile, an event that was witnessed by a number of people.

Finally, GloomyHouse’s video presents ten videos of apparent paranormal entities.  The list includes a security video of a strange creature, a shadowy figure at an accident scene, and apparent poltergeist activity.

Published by Andrew Clendening