Trump Declines Republican Debate 1/28/2016

FOX'S Roger Ailes is Mad

FOX's Bill O'Reilly Pleads With Friend (Trump)

Fox's Megyn Kelly is in 7th Heaven

FOX Rupert Murdoch is Acting Childish 

FOX News is by no means a comfy little hangout for Americans who are searching for the truth.  Roger Ailes an ex Nixon operative has mastered the art of dirty politics.  Roger Ailes likes to spread the propaganda that when he took over FOX in 1996, he quit politics.  This is by no stretch of the imagination the truth.  Roger only changed the DNA of politics by creating a haven for the viewing masses who were tired of being controlled by the Liberal News media. 

FOX News presents for their viewer enjoyment, Roger Ailes political agenda – Ailes directs traffic at FOX and he decides who the participants are, what they will say and when they will say it.  Not quite the “fair and balanced” news that FOX keeps bragging about – FOX news is used to promote and advance Ailes political views.  Frankly, many of their great journalists and commentators probably don’t realize that they are being manipulated. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that everything on FOX News is saturated with politics – it has nothing to do with fair and equal, the real news, or the “Spin stops here.”  FOX News is Roger Ailes personal venue with one thing in mind, “CONTROLLING AND DIRECTING” the far right Republican Party.  Here are a few perfect examples of Roger Ailes in action.

Roger built what I refer to as a players list – these are the people who literally fell over themselves running to his beckon call.  What he did in all actuality is take control of some of the key political players by inviting them to be regular paid contributors at FOX News.  These people were handpicked by Roger and each one knows how to play his part in the Nation’s biggest political news machine.

So now along comes Donald Trump in 2016.  Donald threw his hat into the race for President in 2016.   Two of the most powerful moguls (Roger Ailes from FOX & Donald Trump real estate magnate) in our Nation kicked off a love hate relationship that is turning into a junk yard dog fight.

Roger needed Donald to kick FOX ratings off the Richter scale and Donald needed the biggest News Media in our Nation to jump start his campaign for President of the USA.  The first Republican Debate was when the s - - - the fan. 

Roger had an intense fear of Donald Trump because Donald was not one to be manipulated or controlled, so Roger decided that his #2 anchor (Megyn Kelly) would be the one to kick Trump to the curb or at least the one who would soften Trump up a little and make him an Ailes peon.  

Kelly’s first question to Trump was a character assassination for sure and Trump in his own style foolishly attacked Kelly instead of going for the real culprit (Roger Ailes.) 

Donald was smart enough to know that Ailes was attempting to take charge of his run for President and Donald rebelled.  In order to smooth the tension a bit, Kelly mysteriously was packed up and sent on a brief vacation just to let the dust settle a bit. 

Donald had joined the Presidential run for one reason only – he loved America and Americans; he wanted to make America great again by putting the power of the purse in the hands of the citizens of our Nation.

The tension kept mounting but Trump and Ailes always seemed to patch things up and return to neutral ground.   Rupert Murdoch's Fox’s media empire entered the picture and basically told Ailes to get rid of Trump – Ailes pretty much told Murdoch to kiss his “a—“ and continued cultivating this lop-sided relationship between himself and Trump.  This relationship between Ailes and Trump came to a screeching halt. 

So the last Republican Debate is today January 28th, 2016.  Kelly is one of the commentators again and Trump said, “count me out,” I have more important things to do than endure Kelly’s character assassination for the second time. 

Ailes turned tail and followed suit with Murdock in an attempt to take Trump down.  Ailes lost his temper and started a character assassination against Donald on his own.  Donald refuses to play FOX’s political game and that’s definitely not the end of the story…

Trump Quits Fox Debate After Network Mocks Him


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Published by Marcia Wood