Once again, the issue of taxes and responsibility has landed at the Trump Towers gilded Fifth Avenue penthouse in New York City.  As the Trump transition team searches for the winning Presidential cabinet, the City of New York has been footing the bill for the President-elect and his family's Secret Service protection.

The daily cost for this protection is a cool $1 million per day.  Despite the assurances of the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who assures the New York City taxpayers there will be federal reimbursement for these costs, none has been forthcoming.  And, should the Trump family plan be put in place with wife Melania and son Barron staying on in New York while the Pesident-elect shuttles back and forth from Washington D.C. to New York City, we can be sure these costs may fluctuate upward.  Should Trump fill out his four year term, and should New York City continue to pay for the Trump family's protection, the bill will easily exceed $1billion dollars.  Monies that, inarguably, could better fulfill the City's urgent needs in the public services they owe to the taxpaying New York citizens.

It is the issue of taxes and what they provide that still plague the President-elect.  At this point, it is easy to deduct that the new administration has absolutely no plans to have a transparent Presidency that includes a full disclosure regarding the President-elect's finances.  Indeed, the son of Trump, Eric, has scoffed at the idea of his father presenting his taxes since the voters would not be able to understand them.  Both Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, shameless enablers of this secrecy regarding Trump's taxes, simply applaud him, calling his tax evasion schemes "brilliant", have not changed their stance.  Now that the election is over, Trump remains inviolate and pure.

The New York City taxpayers, however, perceive a different reality.  They pay their City taxes and remain steadfast in seeing they are applied to the much-need public services - not freely given to a man who prides himself on paying no taxes at all.

In response to this outrageous security bill that remains to be reimbursed - and, to the outrage that the Trump organization will further enrich themselves by renting out floor space to the Federal government's Secret Service detail in the Trump Towers,  the petition site Change.org has almost the 10,000 signatures they need to for a petition, that will be delivered to Trump himself, to ensure that the City of New York will not pay for Trump's protection.

The petition states: "We, the undersigned, have cited the obligation of protecting the First Family needs to come from federal government instead of the millions of ordinary New Yorkers who do pay their taxes. This represents an extraordinary financial burden for New York City taxpayers."

The Speaker of the New York City Council, Maria Melissa Mark Viverito and the Councilman from the Upper East Side, Dan Garodnick, the sponsors of the petition that has rapidly gained the 10,000 signatures needed to present to the Trump team at the Trump Towers, has also gained the media coverage in the New York City papers.  Not surprisingly, The Observer, the paper owned by the son-in-law of Trump Jared Kushner, has taken a stance that diminishes the issue of these costs.  Kushner's Observer simply stated that the New York City police force is set to allocate 1,300 additional police officers and had rabid Trump supporter, Staten Island Councilman Joseph Borelli, simply scoff at the projected costs, claiming they are much lower, more like $250,000.

Whatever the line may be coming from the Trump team, including the silly statement from Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway that we should laud Trump for his great sacrifices Trump is making for the country, without the commitment from the Federal government over the reimbursement to New York City, the issue of taxes and responsibility remain.

There is one more reason for concern: after the first few days of the election, Mayor Bill de Blasio, did visit Trump at the Towers and informed him that the City of New York will not be a participant in the upcoming Trump agenda of the "Muslim registry," the mass deportation of immigrants or any program that threatens the civil liberties of New Yorkers.  The City's comptroller, Scott String, stated that the loss of $7 billion annually in federal monies slated to fight terrorism, may be at risk with the Mayor's defiant stance of the Trump plan. 

It is known that Trump himself is not pleased with the petition; and, the imminent federal reimbursement monies that Mayor Bill de Blasio has made a case for, has not been committed for New York and the New Yorkers who pay their taxes.  

Stay tuned for further Trump notes.

Published by Nancy Snyder