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How do you feel about the phrase "Trump's America"?

Most would say they were uncomfortable with it. Even those who are fans of Trump should be uncomfortable with the phrase. And maybe some of them are.

But why?

Let's break it down:

When people have looked at our country since our founding, we have been"America", a symbol of freedom and a safe place for all people to come. We are the hopes and dreams, and the melting pot of many cultures and societies.

The Constitution, (which only seems to be famous for the second amendment for most Americans, so I guess feel free to throw out the rest. Everyone else seems to...) was written by the people for the people:

"We the people..."

We have had many presidents. All of them, including our current president-elect, claim to be in office to serve the people of the U.S. And this should be obvious since that is their job. They are bound by the Constitution to uphold the ideals of the American people as spelled out in said document. (This includes the oh so famous first amendment being freedom of speech and religion, and yes that includes Muslims. Just wanted to remind you of that since most people like to skip it and go straight to the second one...)

So here is what is so scary about the title "Trump's America":

It means that America isn't America anymore. It isn't the country of the people governed by the document that was written by our founding fathers for the people to be protected from their leaders. Yes, it is meant to be changed with the times, hence the "amendments". And I agree it could use some revising. But there is a process to doing so in order to avoid leaders taking away the rights of their people. (Let me remind you again, I am talking about the entire Constitution, not just the guns. I know your mind keeps drifting there, but please focus on the big picture here.)

"Trump's America" means just that: his ideal version of what the country should look like.

The country is not supposed to be shaped by the ideals of the president. The president is supposed to oversee the American life guided by the Constitution.

However, if many of these unconstitutional actions go through that have been talked about in the past few months, I think we should consider changing the name of the country to "Trump's America" because the United States of America will no longer exist.

Published by K. J. Cordova