Most braggarts and bullies, faced with defeat, look for someone or something else to blame. Bragging bully-in-chief Donald Trump, with poll numbers down and dropping a few weeks before the November election, is, like the boisterous popinjay he is, already setting up his reason for losing, and as you might guess, it’s not his fault. It’s a rigged election. It’s the only Dishonest Donald can lose (in his less than humble opinion). He’s setting his minions up to harass people on election day to keep it from being rigged against him—code speak for try and intimidate people who won’t be voting for Herr Trump. And, he’s continuing to claim that the media is against him (despite having given him tons of free coverage over the course of the campaign) and it’s being rigged in favor of his opponent. Now, this one’s a doozy. He’s saying that 50 states and who knows how many hundreds of local polling places, will all be rigged

I know, this sounds so far-fetched, no one of sound mind would buy it But, it’s pretty clear that many of the people who follow Trump are angry, alienated, and probably not totally of sound mind. They’re likely to do some pretty drastic things during and after the election. And, you know what, Trump doesn’t give a damn. The potential for violence and intimidation, the residue of anger and distrust, all flames he has stoked over and over, and when it’s all over, he’ll tweet a few taunts and then retire to Trump Tower to count his money, or abuse women, or whatever it is an overage trust fund kid does for fun, and we’ll be left to clean up the mess.

A few in the GOP have called his whining about the electoral process ‘a bridge too far.’ Like they couldn’t have predicted he’d do something like this? He used it during the primaries, guys, why wouldn’t he use it now?

I’d like to say the ball’s in the GOP court to keep something really ugly from happening, but the truth is, we’re all responsible. The GOP should have disavowed Trump before he became candidate, but they didn’t. They should have disowned him when it came out that he’s a serial harasser and molester – some did, but not enough. The rest of us can send Mr. Trump a clear signal that his messages of hate and divisiveness are not what our country’s about by going out in great numbers to vote, and deliver him a YUGE loss. Send him back to Trump Tower in tatters.

And, after the election, we should all sit down and try and figure out where we went wrong to reach this point—and, then take action to put things back together the right way.

Published by Charles Ray