Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump, in addition to his slump in the polls, has continued to demonstrate his ability to pitch infantile temper tantrums; with his rant against the Khans, a family whose son lost his life in Iraq while saving the lives of members of his U.S. Army unit, his withholding endorsements of his arch rivals John McCain and Paul Ryan and then finally giving tepid endorsements with a prune face. There has been a tendency for many to label him ‘crazy,’ insane, sociopathic, and probably a few other tags, and truthfully, some of his behavior does strike a layman like me as sociopathic, despite the defense by one pundit who said that his treatment of his children argues against calling him a sociopath.

I’m not totally sure I agree with that assessment, though, because his lack of sincerity and truthfulness, his egocentric behavior, and total lack of remorse or shame certainly seem to fit the description of a sociopath—albeit a rather high-functioning one.

I do agree with former Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy that calling him crazy or insane is demeaning to people with mental disabilities. In fact, use of these terms in any context is demeaning to those suffering with mental illness.

So, what do we call Mr. Trump? What label is appropriate for a man who seems to lack any kind of moral compass?

I think CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria nailed it when he called Trump out as a bullshit artist. Oh, he said BS artist, but let’s tell it like it is. For Trump, the difference between a lie and the truth is razor-thin. He tosses out numbers, anecdotes as truth; doubles down when he’s caught in yet another fabrication; and lashes out at whoever calls him on his bullshit. He reminds me of the bullies I had to contend with way back in the day who shot the bull constantly, and gave a beat down to anyone with the nerve to call them on it.

His most recent performance is a case in point. In his recent economic speech, he stuck mainly to the script and still managed to dump a load of hogwash on his audience with a completely straight face. He mixed fact with fiction with such facility, you almost had to admire him, and in the process managed not to offer one scintilla of specific plans to achieve all the magnificent things he claimed he’d do if by some miracle he’s elected president.

Oh, and one other thing—he’s already claiming the November election is ‘rigged’ against him. Talk about setting up an alibi. The guy’s a classic BS artist who should get an Oscar for lifetime achievement.

Published by Charles Ray