What is the bond that connects a new life in mother’s womb all through nine months?

As little kids, why do we feel safe around our parents and family?

What attaches us to our siblings, while we grow up together?

What is the glue that binds us as friends, as we struggle through the interesting rides of life?

Why do we find love in our soulmate and agree to spend the rest of our lives together?


      Too many questions, but one single answer. Each of these queries point to the wonderful aspect called ‘trust’. Trust is the bond that connects us with our loved ones. It makes us feel secured, happy, peaceful, satisfied and excited, while we surround ourselves with people we love. Trust is an invisible thread that binds us with our own people. Without any technical specifications or prefixed dimensions, trust is all about believing in our loved ones. Trust prompts us to tighten the bonds of relationships. Every bond on earth is polished with the shades of trust that motivated me to pen down a few thoughts about its wonders.

    A relationship without trust is simply an impossible phenomenon to think about. Unless we trust, believe, love, understand and care, we cannot experience the joy of true relation. Trust does not demand inputs from one individual alone, it requires equal participation from all those involved. Building trust is a team activity that grows with passing time. Patience and understanding are two essential ingredients that enhance the flavor of trust. By giving adequate time in a relationship and working hard towards its success, one can experience the magic of trust.

    So, while talking about this essential aspect of trust, how do we define it?

  Trust is a feeling that can be experienced only after believing in it. It is a happy state of mind that reminds us about our treasure in the form of closed ones. Trust is knowledge of the fact that we are always surrounded by our loved people, we are safe within their ambiance and we are looked after. It is understanding our responsibilities and duties, too. Just as we trust their presence in life, we must also be capable of protecting their expectations. Trust is not a single way route that demands our contribution, every single time. It is a mutual 2-way road that ensures love, care and respect from both the ends.

   Often, when life blesses us with wonderful opportunities to connect with new people or develop new ties, we encounter doubts and questions in mind. As trust is not a visible entity that can admired, inspected, evaluated and certified, we need to rely on our feelings. At times like these, we realize the true essence of trust, as we look within our inner mind for the real meaning. Though it exists in an invisible form, it directs us towards our loved ones that make us feel happy. Trust can be experienced in different forms, between different individuals and within different relationships. Be it between parents and kids that are tied since birth or between co-workers in a dangerous job that demand perfect co-ordination; be it between friends that promise to be together always or between students and teachers as guiding torch-lights for life, trust is an essential element for the success of every relation. Even pet animals experience this aspect of trust, as they enjoy the company of their caretakers.

   Dying trust in a relationship represents sign of failing bonds. Lack of trust, increase in doubts and rise in misunderstanding pave way for the failure as trust is the most necessary factor for a lively feel. Though I have been stressing about the value of trust, it is essential to remember that trust cannot be created artificially. It is a natural feeling that arises as a result of love, care, affection and understanding. While one may toil with the agenda of building trust to save a failing relationship, it is not possible to produce it, unless it takes birth between two loving souls.

  What does trust mean to you?

Think about this question and frame your own version of answers. While you are at it, let me share my own thoughts to inspire you in the process.


1.Trust is about being there

  Trust is about being there for each other through thin and thick. No matter how many difficult challenges enter into the path or tough troubles appear as rock blocks, the assurance that our loved ones will be there for us makes us strong and confident. It inspires us to march ahead as the moral support of their trust accompanies us on the way. Though many a times, our loved ones may not be able to pull us out of a situation, their smiling presence is all that matters.


2.Trust is about sharing, caring, loving and understanding

Trust is important to add life into every relation. It increases the feelings of love and affection. Trust prompts us to stay together, while harboring the aspects of care and share. By understanding each other and enhancing the flavor of love, we can build our relations for a lifetime. As we open the channels of love, we understand the significance of every relationship in our life.


3.Trust is believing in the foundation of a relationship

 Trust is an essential ingredient to build any relation. Presence of trust develops the strength of a relationship, prompting one to believe in it forever. It decorates the foundation over which the entire bond relies.


4. Trust is about communication

While we trust our loved ones, we open channels of communication with them. By sharing our thoughts, beliefs, ideas and experiences, we build strong ties. Trust prompts us to be free with our closed ones, while depicting transparency and openness. It refrains us from keeping hidden secrets or harboring doubts and misunderstanding. By communicating and sharing our ideas in a healthy environment, we can move towards progress.


5.Trust is about giving our 100%

Trust is about giving our complete contribution in a relation. It does not translate into monetary or materialistic needs, but speaks about emotional and moral factors. By being true to our loved ones and respecting their faith, we can offer our 100% in a relation. Honesty, respect, understanding and love are all it takes to be there for each other.



These are some of the factors that depict my version of trust. Protect the trust of your loved ones, be around for them, celebrate relations and enjoy the journey of life, after all no journey can be complete without the fuel of trust! 

Published by Lavanya