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Yesterday we touched on the importance of making sure you are blessed and not cursed by God. The Bible says that if we believe Jesus died for us, and we make this as the foundation for our entire life as Christians, we are blessed by God. But if we fall for the temptation to believe Jesus died for our salvation, but not for our life and living as christians, we are cursed by God.

This is so important to understand, so let me refrace it a little bit. If you believe you have nothing, absolutely nothing to handle this life with except your faith in Jesus dying for you on a cross, then you are blessed by God and saved for eternity. But if you believe you can handle your life as christian because of your faithfulness with tithing, prayer, bible reading, church attendance or just your own ability to handle life, you are cursed by God even though you might consider yourself to be a christian.

Forgive me for repeating myself a third time, but I have feeling some of you might not be getting this. If you need Jesus and His death to get up in the morning and to face the day, and the wery idea of going through another day without Jesus and His death seems impossible for you to do, then you are blessed by God. But if you believe you are saved by grace, through faith, but once you are saved you are able to handle life without Jesus, you are cursed by God. If you pray for or financially support a ministry or a preacher who doesnt preach the death of Christ as the only solution for salvation AND life and living, your seed becomes cursed. But if you pray for, and financially support, a ministry or a preacher who preaches the death of Christ as the only solution for salvation AND life and living your seed becomes blessed by God.

The Bible is filled with Gods promises, He promises to heal us, bless us, provide for us, guide us and more.

I know there are a lot of ministries and preachers that gives you the impression we need to do things to get a hold of these promises. We are told we can «give our way out of debt» or we have to «give an offering for our healing». Others preach that if we confess scripture enough, God will eventually obey and make it happen just because He has to obey His own word.

It is scriptural to tithe and to support the gospel with our money. It is scriptural to confess the word of God. But the problem is this, if we could give our way out of debt or give enough money as an offering for our healing, a lot of people would be left out of Gods grace. Let me say this again, if Gods grace and His desire to heal, provide, protect and deliver us was dependent on our money a lot of people would never get to share in His grace. Simply because they dont have money to give, and being in that situation myself, I have been told I was to give my way out of debt. And I have to say, I have given a lot of money away believing that lie, but nothing happened. I have also seen close family members who are saved, who love the Lord, struggle with physical sickness. I have listened to promises from preachers on Christian tv that promised healing from every disease if we could only give large amounts of money to their ministry. Luckily I knew enough about the word of God at the time to expose that as a lie. So even though I fell for the lie to give my way out of debt, I didnt fall for the lie to give to be healed.

What about confessing scripture? That would apply to those who had access to a bible and who knew where to find the peticular scripture they needed to confess for their situation. The rest of humanity who dont have money to buy a bible, who live in a couyntry where it is illegal to buy a bible and own a bible, would then be left out of Gods grace and His willingness to fulfill His promises.

Dear reader, do you see how much lies there is being preached behind the pulpits today? Do you see how they twist Gods grace into becoming something you can buy? Do you see how they are cursed by God because they themself believe it is not enough to have faith in the cross. They believe and preach the lie that is the cross + works for life and living as a christian. Do you see how they seduce their listeners into being cursed by God themself?

As I said yesterday, flee from, run away from preachers like that. Run away from ministries like that. I know some of them are wery «famous» today. They have large huge ministries with big churches and they even preach «grace revolution» some of them. But the truth is, they have fallen from grace themself. And right now, Christ has become of no effect to them. Dont get involved with them, it is dangerous for your soul.

God wants everybody to be saved and everybody to have access to His grace, regardless of your money or your posession. God loves humans so much that He made it easy for us. The only thing He requires of us is faith (2.Cor 1:20) But not just any kind of faith, because there is a kind of faith that God considers to be just as much a sin as adultery and idolotary. (Romans 14:23). There is only kind of faith that God will accept, there is only one kind of faith God looks upon as righteous faith. That is faith in Jesus Christ dying for you on a cross. (Romans 3:22)

Those preachers who preach the cross + works for life and living will never preach cross + works for salvation. But their decision to add something to the finished work of Christ when it comes to life and living is what makes them cursed. They preach a message that says God heals, provides, delivers and fulfills His promises because of something you have done. They steal the glory that belongs to Jesus, and that by itself is a dangerous thing when humans take glory for something only God deserves glory for.

What do I mean when I say they steal the glory that belongs to Jesus?

If God fulfills His promises to us on account of our faith in the cross, then we will only be able to boast in what He has done for us. When He heals us, is is because of the cross, when He delivers us it is because of the cross. If our lifes are blessed because of our faith in something Jesus already has done, then He gets the glory and not us.

But if our lifes are blessed because of our prayers, tithing, fasting, bible reading, church attendance or what ever man can do, then we get the glory and not Jesus. Because then it happens because of us.

God can not, and will not, bless somebody or meet their needs if His Son doesnt get the glory. (Jer 17:5-9) But if we try to steal His Sons glory He reacts the same way every parent would do, he reacts with anger.

But if our faith is in the cross of Christ, then – and only then – will God fulfill His promises to us. He even guarantees this. As a proof of this He has given us His Holy Spirit.(2. Cor 1:20,21,22,24).

Let me repeat myself, God promises to heal us and fulfill every promise in the Bible if we will only believe in Jesus dying for us on a cross. So all you need is Jesus and His death.

Now I am going to ask you an honest question. Can you honestly say that your life right now is filled with Gods promises? Are you living a life with healing, provision, guidance where God shows up and shows of?

I would guess your answer is probaly no. And the reason for this is because God can never bless any of us if our faith is not focused on the cross. So the first thing you have to do is to make sure your faith is focused on the cross, and nothing but the cross. (Rom 3:22, 1.Tim 6:12)

Does the Bible promise us a quick fix if we would only believe? Are we guaranteed a quick solution to our problems if we would only believe in the death of Jesus?

Let me answer your question with a question to help you understand this. Are you saved now if you have accepted that Jesus died for your sins? Would you say you are going to be saved because you have already accepted that Jesus died for your sins? I hope you would agree with the Bible and say that you are saved now, because you accepted that Jesus died for your sins. It is not something that will happen, it has happened the day you accepted what Jesus did for you.

When Jesus died on that cross He did not only die to pay for your sins. He was not only the sacrifice for your sins. He also provided for you all that you would ever going to need when you accepted what He did at that cross. So at the cross, He healed you, He delivered you, He provided for you, He guided you and He gave you wisdom.

Your salvations is a done deal, it has already happened, you just had to accept it and choose to believe it. That goes for the rest of your life. At the cross, He gave you everything you and I need to live this life. He gave you the money you need to pay your bills, He gave you the money you need to provide for your family, to become debt free, to keep your house. He healed you at that cross for the cancer, the diabetes, the attention disorder. He has taken care of your every need from forgivness of sins to the food you need to buy today.

You just have to believe, you just have to have faith that Jesus dying for you on that cross is all you need. That faith unlocks the promises of God.

So you are already healed, you are already wealthy, I am already debt free, all my bills are already payed and my wages are no longer garnished. I am already driving a new car with windows that open, and I have already the money I need to meet all my needs and the needs of my family.

Of course, in the natural I still have debt. In the natural I still have to sell my house, and in the natural, I still drive an old car with windows that will not open. But the point is this, in the natural we still remember the sins we did before we got saved. But we know that the Bible says that the man or woman who accepts Jesus and His death is saved, and forgiven. Our memory of our past sins doesnt go away in salvation, but we have to choose each day to believe we are saved and we are forgiven by God because of our faith in the cross. This goes for everything else as well, we have to choose not to look at the natural circumstances but choose to believe that all our needs are met in the cross. We have to choose to have faith that because Jesus died for me, I am healed. We have to choose to have faith that because Jesus died for me, I am debtfree and so on and so on.

So what it all comes down to is this, what do you have faith in. The cross or your circumstances.?

The Bible teaches us we are to fight the good fight of faith, and if we do, we will have victory over our circumstances. Not because of something we have done, but because of our faith in what He has already done. (1.Tim 6:12, 2.Cor 1:20,21,22,24)

So it is not a quick fix, but it is not our responsibility to struggle in this. We are not responsible for when it will happen. We are not the one who has promised to heal us and meet our needs. God has promised that, so He is the one responsible to see to that it happens. We are only to make sure we do our part, and that is to choose to believe that the cross was the answer to all our needs. And because of the cross, we get to confess: Because of Jesus died for me I am rich and wealthy, all my needs are met, an my bills are payed. I am healed because of Jesus dying for me, and all my needs are met.

So choose to fight the good fight of faith, choose to run away from those who preaches the cross+works for life and living. And then the Bible promises us, we will see His blessings, His grace, His promises come to life in our lifes.

Published by Apostle Ernie