15 This is how you shall make it: the length of the ark three hundred cubits, its breadth fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits. 16 You shall make a [n]window for the ark, and finish it to a cubit from the top; and set the door of the ark in the side of it; you shall make it with lower, second, and third decks. 17 Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life, from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish.-Genesis 6 15-17

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God- Philippians 4:6

Now why in the world would I pick this verse?

It was just an ark.

It was just a tool built by one man to save him and his family from the floods that God had promised would come. It was also just a tool that would save those few animals that they might multiply the earth after the flood.

Did you happen to notice the detail and the VERY certain way that God instructed Noah to build the ark?

It was just an ark.

In just a few short hours, I will be going through my 4th surgery/procedure and my 4th time to stay in the same hospital for an extended period of time in a span of about 5 months. I’m not going to lie: I’m a little stressed, I’m a little tired of this never-ending saga, and I am wondering if God is even doing something.

Oh but He is.

This verse is such an encouragement to me, especially in a time like this because I am sweetly reminded that God is very much a God of the details of your life AND in my life.

This leads me to Philippians.

About a year and a half ago, I attended a conference that changed and continues to change the ways that I think about God and the ways that I make it a point to spend time with Him.

One of the speakers for this conference was Ben Stuart. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you might remember that I absolutely LOVE to hear his preaching. He seems to preach on the things that I struggle with the most and at the exact time in my life that I get to hear him. . Maybe that’s why I love it so much when he preaches, because God uses him to speak to me directly about whatever situation that I find myself in.

The conference in 2015 was no exception: he spoke on fear.

I wrote down a phrase that he said that absolutely convicted me and immediately brought me into a place of repentance.

“Fear is ungodly”


But the more that I thought about this bombshell of a statement, the more I decided that he was right.

Think about that: Let’s go back to Noah. When God told him to build an Ark and that he was going to have to bring in his entire family and a whole mess of animals into this ark with him because a big flood was coming and everyone and everything that wasn’t inside that ark was going to die, do you think he wasn’t scared? I bet he was petrified. I also think I know why Noah obeyed God, besides the fact that He is God and you do whatever He tells you to.    

God walked him through every step of the process and Noah knew that as long as he trusted God and His process that everything was going to go exactly the way He said it would.

I firmly believe that Noah knew that God is a God of details and a God of process.

Do you know that?  Do I know that?

Don't you think that if God could take the utmost care and concern about how an ark should be built, how much so God has every piece of your life PERFECTLY constructed? How much utmost care and concern does God have over every detail of your life?

I pray that you will trust completely and fearlessly in the God of the details no matter what it is that you are going through. I pray that you will trust in the details and in the process.  

OK, now I feel better. We leave for the hospital in two hours…..I better get to packing.

You are his child and HE loves you......Don't forget that.

  I love you too,
    Shelley Olsen

Published by Shelley Olsen