8 hours. 5 days. 52 weeks.

That's how much time we spend with our colleagues at work. Perhaps for some of us, it is even longer than we ever spend with our families or friends. So, this would make our colleagues if not friends but at least very close people.

Trust lies as basics of any relationship, it is like the basement to any building, without trust there is no relationship. Particularly important when it comes to working relationships. It is important to stay professional and not cross the line too much of becoming friends but it is also important to trust each other.

There are moments in life when I am not sure if I can trust my colleagues regarding their jobs, or even regarding inter-personal relationships. Work environment still remain an environment full of competition. There are sharks out there who will bite you to get ahead of you. It's a shame really, if you think about it all jobs are important because without one department the other won't be able to function. So, why are there still conflicts between employees created out of air and that end quiet often so in tears?

Teamwork is purely based on trust. It comes to a test when you organise an important event and when you literally rely on one another. If your teammate is not there for you to help out when you are in need, however, expects you to be there at all times for them - is that really the teamwork of today? What if the so called team player starts to put the blame on humiliate you in front of the important people, can you still then believe in trust at work place?

Unfortunately or fortunately so, these situations are unavoidable at any workplace. So how does one deal with any conflicts and how does one encourage trust within the teams?

Option 1: Team building event - organise a team building event, mix people in teams and see whether the people you work with can work with each other. Very popular activity is to solve a mystery problem and find a solution.

Option 2:  Workshops on teamwork and importance of inter-dependance between departments

Option  3: Have clear guidelines and clear job descriptions for each of your employees, so that they know what is their framework of work and they know that it is ok to ask for help and help the other colleagues.

In any case, I guess what I am struggling to figure out is whether there can be really trust in the workplace or if an ideal workplace is just a fiction?

If you have any comments, feel free to share below.

Published by Karina Saakyan