If I learned anything from my travels and time living on my own, it is that you will figure it all out, so do not sweat the small stuff. 

I fell like in so many scenarios people get anxious thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong. They go through point A, B,  and C to make sure everything is perfectly okay all the time. They spend more money than they have to, they pack more than they need, they get pointlessly angered at other people for not accommodating to what they want. 

But no matter what happens, nothing will ever go as you planned it would. You will never leave at the time you wanted to. You will get lost. You will get a terrible mark on a test. You will not get that job you were counting on.  And none of this you can ever predict, no matter how much time you spend planning. 

Why waste your energy getting angry? Why waste your time worrying about what hasn't happened yet?

Everything works out as it should, so just trust your journey and chill out.

Published by Anne Flamio