Numbers 13/Deut 1 Trusting God…

The Israelites needed proof that they would be able to succeed in their attempt to take the land. What more proof did they need? God had provided their deliverance from Egypt, provided a flame of fire by night to keep marauders and beasts from them, a cloud by day to guide them, food to eat and the Tabernacle to remind them of His presence. And yet they wanted to scout out the land “Let’s send some men ahead of us to scout out the land and bring us back word as to how we should attack it and what the cities are like there.” And Moses thought this was a good idea. How often do we hear the voices around us and we say this sounds like a good idea…but we fail to consult God. Joshua also failed later to do this as well. And we do it now in our time. Failing to consult God brought grievous consequences for the people saw but feared. They failed to recall what God had done and how he had prepared them. They

The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah remind us that God is greater, His thoughts are higher than ours and He has a plan not to harm us but to walk before us and provide for our every need. He is faithful and does not sleep nor slumber…He is ever before us. Trust Him! Step out and God will be with you. 

Published by Gaye Austin