This post I originally added on my personal blog on the 11 July 2016. It was the beginning of my journey in following my dreams and I thought it would be great to start from the beginning so you can follow.

08:00 am

So it’s been about 5 days now and we are still wondering around like lost souls.

We thought Satun was bad, goodness did we have another thing coming when we arrived in Songkhla.

We decided to make our way closer to the airport as we were about 2 hours away, just so we are ready if something comes  up. We experienced our first tuk tuk ride to the bus stop which was so much fun! We then took a three hour bus to the city of Songkhla. When getting off at the bus stop we could see it was very local but still a lot busier and more lively than Satun – about a 1km walk to our hotel with all our luggage, we turned down a street and this is what we saw.

We are slap bang in the middle of the extremely local fisherman’s village near Samila beach. Walking down the street I actually felt a little fear spread through my body, I am not sure if it was entirely necessary but the frowning faces of the locals started getting a little bit intimidating to me. Once again, No one can speak a word of English and majority of the population here are of the Muslim religion.

Our hotel was not quite what was advertised, and extremely noisy. But it has air con and Wi-Fi at least that keeps us busy while we cannot fall asleep haha.

Songkhla isn’t all bad. I mean you can only imagine how difficult it is not only to adapt to a third world city and a whole new religion, but being alone and the only English speaking foreigners can be quite an adjustment.

Walking through the markets and trying the local foods was a really awesome experience. My favorite so far would have to be the fried chicken on the fire and the strawberry smoothies.

It’s absolutely crazy how these people live, they eat the entire fish on a stick with the head and eyes and tail and Everything !

Another positive thing about this town is that there is ocean, not so much a swimming beach here because there are loads of crabs in the water but at least we can still sit and watch the calm water on the horizon which somehow always brings some peace to the soul.

We have absolutely no idea what brought us here, or why. We have had a couple breakdowns in between but we are trusting the journey. What’s meant to be, will be eventually and there is obviously a purpose for all our pit stops along the way to finding “home”. We are nervous and excited to see our plan unfold.

All I know is that I am ready to make this work and today is the day we make shit happen !

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