Evil is forcibly introducing itself into our daily lives. From the killing of innocent citizens in our streets to massacres in nightclubs and theaters. Our leaders are quick to blame the weapons of warfare as the culprit for these actions. However, weapons are weapons, without intent and use they are but physical items without purpose.

We hear in popular culture that love will overcome hate. The only problem with that premise  is that the problem is not hate, the problem is evil. How do we defeat an enemy that cannot be persuaded or deterred from completing its singular purpose?  As long as we hide behind words such as hate, prejudice, injustice, extremism, radicalism, sickness, racism and intolerance we will never be able to defeat evil. Though these words describe current realities, they do nothing to address the cause of evil.  Evil stands on a level of its own. Evil is not rational, it is not intellectual, it does not contain an iota of morality, justice, compassion or care. You can’t reason with it, you can’t negotiate with it.  You can’t legislate it away. There is nothing within it that you can appeal to. It has no saving grace. There is nothing redeeming about evil.  Evil cannot and will not be appeased, it won’t be satisfied. It is relentless and without remorse. Evil does not respond to love.  It only exists to destroy.

In Ephesians it says:

12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 (ESV)

What does this mean for Christians? The verse says “For we”.  It is not optional we are at war. We are at war against overwhelming evil forces we cannot defeat. Spiritual forces in high places, an enemy that will not be identified by conventional means which is invisible to those who deny it's existence. Whose fruit is evident to all and becoming more apparent each day. What is happening in the world is it is losing a battle, a war it was never designed to win. The only way to defeat evil is with truth, not good will, not love.

The only one that will win this war is the God of truth. The only people who will share in this victory are those who call Christ Lord.  How will the world know of Him? God has commissioned us  to make the world aware of Him. The world will not hear it from any other source because there is no other source, we are it, you and me. You may feel insignificant and unimportant in a cosmic battle beyond your comprehension but your testimony is the unstoppable force that will unleash the power and truth of God into a lost world.

Your testimony is crucial for the world to be saved. It won’t happen without you.


Published by Ruben Figueroa