Lassi is yogurt based drink from India, usually enjoyed in summer. It is not only perfect in summers but also rich with calcium. You can make different variation in it, like mango lassi, salted lassi or just plain lassi with sugar.


Recently i added some spices from my kitchen and it tasted simply divine. I am sure after drinking this masala lassi, you will not make simple lassi again, so lets get it started


Fresh yogurt – 2 Cup

Milk – half cup

Honey – 2 to 3 tablespoons

Black pepper crushed – half teaspoon

Nutmeg powder – half teaspoon

Cardamom powder – half teaspoon

Saffron – 8 to 10 strands

Chopped Dry fruits – for garnish


Put all above ingredients in a mixer jar and blend till smooth, you can balance the amount of milk according to thickness of lassi.

Or you can whisk all above ingredients in bowl with whisker. Use chilled yogurt so you don’t need to add ice cubes, when done pour in glasses and garnish with chopped pistachio, almonds and saffron strands, serve.


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Published by Ruchi Kamble