When I was younger I played many sports and was quite good.  Try-outs were never any pressure because I was pretty sure I was going to make the team.  For many however, try-outs were very stressful.  Would they make the team?  Were they good enough?  Sure enough, some would always be disappointed because they did not make the team.  I always felt sorry for them but I also wanted the best players on the team so we would win.

    I’m glad God does not have try-outs.  There is no being good enough before you come to Him.  What He does want however, is the desire to be on team, with Him, and to try and live the way He wants.  Our past is irrelevant to His accepting us.  All He wants is a pure heart and a desire to be with Him.

    Romans 10:13 tells us, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (KJV)  That means anyone and everyone who calls out to the Lord will be accepted by Him.  There is no ‘being good enough”.  His arms are wide open, accepting all who will come.

Published by Ray Richards