Curious minds


Ok so this is a different kind of blog to my usual kind.  I'm no whinger but I've had it up to wherever it goes with this crap!!

I have been in hospital twice this year after my Mother died.  I was hospitalised with a twisted bowel.    I have been hospitalised and operated on over 10 times in the last 3 years with this.  I need to find out once and for all what this is.  I suspect it is IBS now......  

Over the years a myriad of explanations have come to the fore about my condition, which, wait for called "loopy bowel"........great, just great!!  How do I fix it?  "Oh you can't"  What am I meant to do?  I can't be reliable for work, I can't travel too far, not to mention I can hardly eat.  

One of the explanations was fructose malabsorbtion.....but it couldn't be tested because my bowel could twist, so I went along with it, knocked out a whole heap of foods from my diet, didn't eat out as I couldn't eat any of the foods, ended up in hospital again.  Then found out this all lead to malnutrition. 

At the moment I can only drink black tea or red wine or water.  I can't eat onion or garlic or nuts or anything with a skin on it, I also can't have steak.  limiting, but better I guess.

I work out at the gym like a woman posessed 4 times a week and really wish I could go 5, but I don't even have the time.

I am so sick of being told to relax by family and friends.  That gets me more agitated as it will not solve anything.  I need to know what is wrong with my gut and I am on a crusade to find out.


I had a cheese platter this afternoon while watching my team loose at football, so I have to have a light dinner or my night will be full of tummy aches and at risk of a hospital visit.  I have to be up at 6am.......groan, I'm going to my Dad's place for breakfast, he will tell me to relax too...........I am at breaking point.

So away goes the wine, I've had a coffee which is an indulgence for me and I'm staring down the barrel of weak tea (Yuk).


A few hours later

Ok, so it's just before I'm due to hit the sack (sleep that is).  I feel really good, tired but good, I've managed to regulate what I've eaten and am looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Sometimes I'm positive about whatever my condition is and sometimes not.  I know one thing for sure....I'll always be skinny and I know a lot of people wish they were.  I do wish sometimes, just once that I could overindulge and not end up in hospital with a Nasal Gastric tube up my nose and into my stomach.  It's hard when people say "Oh just one more drink" or "Why aren't you eating, are you on a diet or something?" You just can't as you know what will happen if you do.

It does get embarrassing trying to explain to others that no one knows why this happens to you and that it can't be fixed.  It's also embarrassing eating out and trying to explain away why you can't eat certain foods and that you are not just being a princess.  Try "my bowel twists" on for size and watch the varying degrees of disgust on peoples faces.

I am so looking forward to finding our what the hell it is.......though I do suspect what I am doing is just confirming what I already know "I have irritable bowel syndrome".

Maybe there is an IBS support group out there, there sure as hell isn't one for loopy bowels!!

Nitey Nite



Well I managed to get up early, only had wind pain last night.  I was amazed at how good I slept.  I did not overindulge at lunch..(my Dad watched me like a hawk).....geeze I'm 46 already!!  The food was so yummy, pav, cupcakes, potato salad, sausages, chicken, salad.  I had too many crackers and cheese again in the afternoon but only salad and chicken for dinner.  Didn't drink much as I had to drive.


A Few Months On....

Well I saw this today in my notes as a possible blog, I wasn't going to post it but I am now.

I survived Christmas without a hitch.  Even only had one tummy issue while I was down the beach, but I resolved it by going on fluids for the rest of the day.  What I have is now diagnosed.  I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS in other words).  Guess what my friends, this crap is manageable!!!

I have yakult and metamucil daily and it works!  I can now actually drink champagne and even a little soft drink, juice, is great again.

I have managed my priorities too.  I want to work full time, so I am, but I have also made it known to others that I will be going to the gym 5 times a week as I need to keep active in order to manage my IBS.  I also need to keep the stress levels down.  I visited my bowel specialist and he says I have my condition "nailed" and that I now only have a 10 percent chance of going back in to hospital with this condition, as I know what I am doing.

Yesterday I started getting tummy aches and I realised I had to calm down so I did some breathing exercises and then went to gym away from the situation and I was fine.  Woke up as if nothing had happened this morning.

I guess once you understand why your body is malfunctioning, you can help it get to a manageable state.  I will always have my scars on my belly and a risk of a twisted bowel, but you know what!

I'm alive and healthy and very happy about it too!


Happy New Year to you all, what a good  year it will be.

Suuze xx



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