So why is it a Turkey "Pot Pie" and not just a Turkey "Pie".  I goggled it and it's because it has a top crust.

If you think about meat pies, like a tourtiere, quiche and pizza, it doesn't have a top crust.

I digress, this Turkey Pot Pie was made with a 14 inch cast iron skillet.

Prep-time, about 45 minutes.  Cook time, about 60 minutes.

Left overs from your Thanksgiving

Stuff you will need
Cast Iron skillet, big enough to hold the left overs

Because I am using a 14 inch skillet, I needed the deep dish double pie crust.  See my blog about the Crisco pie crusts by going to this link.

Once you got the pie crust chilling, make sure that the Turkey pieces are cut up into small bites.  Nothing worst that trying to eat your Turkey Pot Pie and you got a HUGE chunk of Turkey that needs to be cut with a fork and knife.  That isn't how you eat pie.

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Roll out your bottom crust and place it in the skillet.

Put the Thanksgiving left overs in the skillet.  Put the gravy in last.

Roll out your top crust and place it, well, on top of the pie.  Fold over the pie crust, or pinch it in place, removing the excess crust.

Bake for 60 minutes.  I know in the video, I said 45, but I didn't show in the video that I had to extend the cooking time.​

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Published by Mitch Cormier