Who cares about lost moments? I care. I keep them in my mind library as a script, as a sound, smell, color and touch. Some of them are so vivid and bright that I am not quite certain are there lost or not. Like, when I saw little – tiny pink box of a “Too Faced Deluxe Love Flush Blush” I instantly had a flash of memory of one gorgeous boy who once upon a time said to me:

“Hey, listen, don’t be afraid of me!  Just give me your hand and I will give you my heart”. Oh, it is so sweet when you have 15!

As a shy red hair teenage girl I haven’t got a nerve to come one step closer – live myself to the gravity of unknown and I run away, blushed all over. Later, during the years I realized: I am the same shy girl but with lots of  lost moments and one of them is the kiss of a boy madly in love with me. DAMN!  Yes, I was sure for him, for others in my life I can not tell. Unfortunately, with time you find yourself in relationships so weak and foggy. For most of the people it means you are adult (finally) and this is how it is and must bee!  People also preach there is time for everything. Let them all go to the end of the Universe and buy some grapes! Like in “Duck Song”. And let them all turn back with lemonade!


Published by Slavica Damnjanović